♦You Must Break The Rules In Order To Outdo Them♦

by Rodney R. Morgan Jr.
(Orangeburg, South Carolina.)

Hello, all of you sexy and wonderful people, and how are all of you feeling on today~!? I am feeling pretty good for right now, so let's just jump right into the main message for today's motivational post~!

Today, we will be discussing about the why you need to stop following the rules of this world so damn much. This is truly a topic that has gotten underneath my skin for years now and I think that it is high time to talk about it. Personally, I think that a lot of the rules in this world are stupid, unjust, wrong, and are only created by those who are in power to keep themselves in power while keeping others down, oppressed, and suppressed from reaching their true potential in their overall lives. It just seems completely stupid to blindly follow the rules of those who are just trying to fool us and manipulate us into helping them fulfill their dreams, goals, and ambitions instead of our own. I can't take it anymore, going through life every single day seeing people just having to suffer due to their lack of confidence within themselves to actually stand up and do what they truly desire to do in their lives, only to settle for the mediocre leftovers of success to numb their minds from going after what they really want and what they know they can do with their lives.

I ask for all of you wonderfully strong and willful people to stop just being so ignorant to the fact that most people in power just want us to stay broke, to stay undereducated, to stay weak, and to stay feeling defeated when we are able to actually do so much change in this world, both individually and even more so collectively. Don't just follow the rules because you feel as if you have no choice to do anything else; if you feel like you can actually do something that makes a positive difference in this world and that can actually change some lives for the better, then screw the rules and do it for others' benefits, and most importantly, for your own benefit and happiness in your life. That's really all I have to say for this week's post. Please, share this message around as much as you can and believe that you can bend the rules and make a real difference in this world, no matter what anybody who enforces or makes the rules that try to stop you say or does to do stop you~! I hope that this post has inspired all of you to do what you need to do to make yourself and your loved ones happy in your life~. See you all later, have a great, fantastic, and awesome day, and stay strong, my friends~.

♥ Sincerely, Rodney R. Morgan Jr, aka, The Strategist. ♥

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May 18, 2016
Break the Rules and Make a Positive Impact!
by: TJ

Awesome post, Rodney! I agree that we need to no longer be afraid to stand up for what we know is right! We need to realize that we don't have to follow what others are telling us if we know it is not beneficial to ourselves and others as a whole! We can come together and stand together to make a real positive impact! We do not need to let others boss us around and pay us poorly, because that's what society told us we should do in our lives! We must create our own rules and continue to grow and help this world be a better place to live in! Thanks for the motivation to think for ourselves and do what we truly think is right!

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