Third Eye Chakra Meditation

Third Eye Chakra MeditationThird Eye Chakra Meditation

The third eye chakra is the chakra that catches most people's attention by far.  Before we get into how to open it with the third eye chakra meditation, I want to explain exactly what this chakra is and does.  The third eye is our sixth chakra and is located right above our eyebrows in the center of our forehead.  This is the center for psychic ability, intuition and spirit.  Through the power of the third eye, you can receive spiritual guidance and tune into your higher self.  People who have a strong third eye are able to sense future events, receive messages, can astral travel, experience telepathy and gain insight from past lives.  A strong third eye also helps with reading other people.  When I focus on keeping my third eye clear, I notice I clearly can tell peoples true intentions and if they are being fully honest with me and others.  It brings a strong sense of knowing to every day situations.  

When the third eye is out of balance, we may feel non-assertive, afraid of success and become egotistical.  An unbalanced third eye may cause fatigue, problems with sleeping, inability to listen to others and may cause us to feel disoriented.  A deficient third eye can result in poor vision and memory, difficulty visualizing and trouble remembering dreams.  Excessive energy flow to the third eye may cause hallucinations, nightmares, obsessions, delusions, difficulty concentrating and can even cause headaches.

You can also open your third eye to help with experiencing the paranormal, however, it is not necessary to open yourself up to the paranormal when opening your third eye and you can still benefit from the other aspects of having an opened third eye.  I have opened myself up to spirits in the past and have had many experiences with them and I have decided to keep myself closed off from this.  I can be open to it whenever I want, but on a regular day, I choose not to.  

If it interests you to experience paranormal encounters, opening the third eye is a good way to go about it.  It is necessary to allow yourself to be open to these experiences, or you won't be able to experience them at all.  When you do the third eye chakra meditation, make it your intent to open yourself up to spirits and the paranormal.  After being consistent in your efforts, you will start to notice things considered to be paranormal.  You will start to get feelings and sense when there is another energy around.  After a while of consistent focus, you'll start to be able to see and hear spirits and other paranormal occurrences.  You may even work towards being able to communicate with these spirits.  If this is your goal, I highly recommend doing more research on how to keep yourself protected from negative spirits and energies.  They can draw energy from you making you feel tired and exhausted.  They can even latch onto you resulting in a feeling of "being watched" wherever you go.  When dealing with spirits and areas with high activity, always surround yourself in a protective white light.  They can not harm you unless you allow them to so deny them access to yourself and stay protected.  Most spirits are positive or neutral, but negative ones are around so be careful when opening yourself up to them.  

Ways to Open the Third Eye Chakra

To heal and open the third eye, creating visual art like coloring, painting and drawing can help.  The third eye is related to the color indigo, or a deep purple, so wearing deep purple clothing and eating purple foods will help in healing the third eye.  Gemstones known to assist with this chakra are amethyst, azurite and tanzanite.

Third Eye Chakra Meditation

Meditation is by far the best way to go about opening your third eye, since it is activated most during meditation.  If you aren't sure how to get yourself in a meditative state, easily learn how with this Beginner Meditation.  Once you know how to meditate, get yourself in a calm and relaxed meditative state.  Start focusing on energy coming up through your feet with each inhale.  Bring this energy up through each of the five previous chakras, before focusing the energy on your third eye chakra in the center of your forehead.  With each inhale, imagine a purple ball of energy growing larger and larger where the third eye is located.  With each exhale, release any negativity or blocks that may be associated with your third eye.  Continue this pattern until you feel a tingling sensation or a warmth on the center of your forehead.  Once this occurs, you're third eye is now healed and opened and you may move on to the Crown Chakra.

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