The Benefits of Writing

Writing has always come off to me as such an unnecessary approach to expressing yourself.  I never liked writing in school and didn't understand the point of keeping a journal or diary.  That was just it though, I didn't understand.  One day, I decided to humor the idea of writing and I was so taken back by what I had just put down on that piece of printer paper that within days, I went out and bought a cool black journal so I could experience what just happened more and more.

I've written journal entries that have made me realize things about the person I am and what I don't like about myself and what I need to change.  I've also had entries where I went off on how awesome of a day I had and how happy I am with life.  That's the beauty of writing, it can be about absolutely anything! I started off by writing about things that were actually bothering me in life and it felt great to vent and was a huge eye opener as to what I should fix so I'm more happy with my life.  

Writing doesn't have to always be about negative things though!  Writing about when I had good days has helped put me in an amazing mood by realizing how good things are going.  Just by focusing on the positives of the day and appreciating the good in life makes me feel so much better instantly.

How to Write

All you have to do, is start writing!  First thing that pops up in your mind, write it down and just go with the flow.  Write aimlessly about anything at all.  This is not something you're trying to get published and none of your friends or family have to see it, so don't think about it.  Just get a pen and a piece of paper and go with the flow.  That's all you have to do!  You will be so surprised at what you find is really on your mind.  When I write, I don't have any clue what I'm about to write down.  One sentence leads to the next and the next.  Give it a shot and be amazed.

Mix It Up

Every time you write doesn't even have to be about how you're feeling or how your day went.  These are some other ways you can use your journal.

Dream Log: Your dreams are a very significant part of your life.  They reflect on things that are relevant to your life, whether you realize it or not.  Writing down your dreams can help you to interpret them.  I have a few nightmares that I wrote down and didn't know what they could've meant until I had it on paper.  On dream I'll never forget is about me going on a class trip to an open field.  Everyone was lined up side by side and me and someone in a black hoodie with the hood up were standing behind them.  We would go behind my friends and he would use a lighter to light the back of my friends hair on fire and I would pat it out before they could realize what we did.  The guy in the hoodie and I would laugh a bit and move on.  Then he took the lighter and burned my hand with it.  Someone asked if it was bad and I needed to go to the hospital, but I told them I would be alright.

I wrote this down and realized exactly what it meant.  At the time, I was doing some things behind my friends backs that could hurt them.  I didn't want them to find out so I would do my best to keep it hidden.  The part where I got burned was to tell me that if I burn my friends, I'll get burned back.  Which ended up to be true.  What I did ate at me psychologically and I got bad karma for it.  I am truly sorry for it and since then have forgave myself (which wasn't easy). I learned a valuable life lesson and will never do anything behind my friends' backs again.

List of Goals:  Use your journal to write down a list of goals you have.  Make both long-term and short-term goals.  Not only will this make you much more productive, it's fun to go back and be able to put a check mark next to the ones you've completed.  

Goals I Set For Myself

Draw:  Just draw whatever!  

Remember Good Stories:  When you have an awesome experience, writing it down is going to help you remember it so much better than if you didn't write it.  If you ever decide to go back and read previous entries, you'll enjoy rereading about how much fun you had and how awesome of an experience that was.

Talk Positively About Yourself:  Write about things that are going good for you and what you're proud of yourself for.  This puts me in such a good mood if I truly mean what I say.  It's usually not cool to brag about yourself to other people, so doing it in your journal is a perfect way to express self-love.  

Positive Entry About Self-Appreciation 

Progression Timeline:  It's awesome going back to old posts and see how far you've come since then.  You'll be amazed at how much you've grown and progressed over time.

You can write about anything at all.  If you have another good idea to use a journal for, want to share an experience, or how doing this has helped you, write it in a comment below!

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