Sacral Chakra Meditation

Sacral Chakra MeditationSacral Chakra Meditation

  Out of our seven main chakras, the sacral chakra is our second chakra.  Before we get to the sacral chakra meditation technique, I want to explain what the chakra actually is.  The sacral (or navel) chakra is located on the navel, above the groin and below the belly button.  It is the second chakra and regulates our emotional and sexual center.  We also hold our passions here, such as dreams, fantasies and ambitions.  The sacral chakra is also known to be the creativity chakra.  It governs people’s sense of self-worth, their confidence in their creativity and their ability to be open and friendly towards others.  It bonds you to your loved ones.

When the sacral chakra is out of balance or blocked, we may feel emotionally explosive or not emotional at all.  If it's overactive, we may become manipulative and obsessed with thoughts of sex.  A closed sacral chakra may even cause you to lack energy.  Negative feelings associated with this chakra are shame, jealousy, remorse, disgust and fear.  Without this chakra open, it may be harder to find direction and motivation, and we may feel emotionally distant or overly emotional.  A deficiency will lead to poor social skills, fear of sex, lack of desire, passion, excitement, and self denial of pleasure.  If the sacral chakra is overactive, we may have a sexual addiction, as well as very strong and sensitive emotions and can be obsessive and emotionally dependent on others.

When your sacral chakra is balanced, you will have the ability to experience pleasure and an emotional balance.  A good balance leads you to connection with your intuition, your creativity and sharpens your senses.  Having a balanced sacral chakra helps with our sexual confidence, but also our self-confidence overall.  It allows us to freely be able to express ourselves and our emotions.  When this chakra is open, we tend to live very passionately and aim to live life to the fullest!  

Opening the Sacral Chakra

Ways to open and balance your sacral chakra are wearing or eating anything that is the color orange.  Since this chakra is related to the color orange, exposing yourself to this color can help remind you of the chakra and visualizes the orange energy which we feel when in some emotional and sexual situations.  Watching emotional or exciting movies will also aid in opening this chakra.  If you're familiar with crystal healing, wearing any orange gemstone is said to be a very effective way of healing this chakra, which can include amber, citrine, topaz, carnelian or coral.

Sacral Chakra Meditation

I have found in my experiences that a sacral chakra meditation is the best way of opening this chakra.  First, you should already know how to do a Beginner Meditation.  Once you get into that meditative state, focus on the energy being brought up through your feet and through your root chakra, then up into your navel.  Imagine a ball of orange energy forming below your belly button which grows larger and larger with each deep inhale.  The orange ball of energy will start to swirl in a clockwise position and you will feel a slight tingle in your lower abdomen and lower back where the chakra is located.  Continue working on this until you really feel the energy.  It feels like a tingling or maybe a buzzing of energy flowing through you.  You may or may not become sexually aroused, but either way is perfectly fine.  Once you feel this one is open, you may move on to the Solar Plexus Chakra.

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