Make Money with MLM

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies are a phenomenal way to become wealthy.  They can be done as a small side-job, just to pay the rent and gas, or they can be your ticket to complete financial freedom for you and your family.

What is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company?

An MLM is a company that provides either a product or a service and gives people the opportunity to work on their own schedule.  Most people looking for a way to make money from home often come across this as a promising new source of income.  Aside from the sales aspect, MLM companies allow you to build your business and share the opportunity with others who are also looking for a new way to earn cash.  They will be able to start selling their own products or services and the person who sponsored the new recruit (that's you) is rewarded some sort of commission or bonus.  Commissions and bonuses vary depending on the MLM.  That is what makes an MLM multi-level.  You build your team and your team members each build their own team.  

Isn't that a pyramid scheme?

This is by far the most often asked question by a person just being introduced to the concept of an MLM business.  Allow me to explain the difference of an MLM and a pyramid scheme.  A pyramid scheme is set up solely to pay a fee, then get others under you to also pay a fee and you get a cut of that fee.  It has no product or service, just a constant cycle of a registration fee.  These companies are ILLEGAL.  

An MLM is a company that has a product or service, but also gives you the option to build a team under you that will also sell whichever products or services you have to offer.  

Things to Consider Before Joining Any MLM

MLM companies are real businesses, and with any real business, you do have to put in some work.  I suggest starting off by doing your research.  Find out exactly what products or services you will be offering and how they can benefit other people.  Also look into the companies compensation plan to get an understanding on how commissions and bonuses are rewarded and decide if the profit is worth the effort.  

Regardless of what term the company calls it, this is a sales business and you will be required to make sales if you want to make any money.  This is why it is so important for you to do research on the company before paying your admission fee to the companies tools and to make you an official IBO (Independent Business Owner).  Sales are a piece of cake if you have one simple thing in your offer.  CONFIDENCE.  If you have done your research and are confident that whatever product or service you have will be beneficial to other people, you should have no problem selling it.  People can read your confidence and will feel confident in their decision, too.  This is where many people fail with MLM.  They get excited by the opportunity of being their own boss and working from home with unlimited income and sign up before finding out what they will be selling.  You may know one or two people who hopped on board with their case of energy drinks or special coffee and failed miserably after realizing that even they wouldn't buy their product.  When considering joining an MLM company, ask yourself this question:  Is this something that I would buy myself?  If you would and are confident in what you have to offer, then this is a good MLM for you and you should get started!  If not, keep looking.  There a many MLM companies that offer many different and unique products and services.  Find the one that fits best with you and start making money with something you believe is actually beneficial to others.  It will be much less of a hassle to make sales and you will enjoy providing people with something you trust and believe in.  

Multi-Level Marketing businesses are not get-rich-quick, well.. depending on how much work you put into it.  Like any legitimate business, it takes time and effort to make money.  You will have to build up your business, but after time, the paychecks will increase more and more.  If you're trying to really make money, utilize the option to recruit people under you.  You will start earning commission on their sales and money will just be flowing to you!  This is called residual income, which is when you work at building something once and then it continuously makes money from then on out.  This is the most efficient and secure way to an early retirement.  Most MLM companies have some sort of fast start plan for all new team members.  They provide a simple plan for you to follow to earn money as fast as possible early on, building the basis for your business.  Many MLM companies can match your jobs paycheck within the first year by putting in the work part-time.    

That isn't a suggestion to quit your job and make your MLM your full-time priority.  Unless, of course, you're in a financial situation where you can quit your job, then working on your business full-time is ideal and can have you earning way more than your job would've paid you in the first year alone.  Sadly, this isn't really an option for most of us.  Start off making your MLM business your side job.  Just something you do part-time.  Go to work regularly and come home and work on your side business.  Soon enough, you will be able to quit your limited paying job and can focus on your business full-time, earning you money that you once never thought imaginable.  

The biggest rule is to stay positive!  You will hit bumps in the road, but they are only bumps and you will ride right over them.  You will not always make a sale and sometimes the people you sponsor just won't have the same ambition as you do.  Don't stress it.  It is their problem, not yours.  Don't waste your time trying to hold someones hand across the street who doesn't want to walk anyway.  Just move on to the next person.  There are many, many people in the world waiting to pick up on an opportunity just like you were.  Stay positive and consistent and your business has no choice but to grow.  

If you're looking for a business that you can feel proud and confident to be a part of, learn more here!

I wish you all success with whatever means of income you decide to pursue!  Be sure to check out Why Jobs are Bad for Making Money and learn other ways to earn income.

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