Living in the Now

I want to talk to you about living in the now.  What that means is to focus on what is actually happening right now!  Often times, I find myself in my own head, thinking about whatever.  Which can be good sometimes, but you are missing out on your life happening right before your eyes.  Life is absolutely amazing and things are happening all around you constantly.  Feel it.  This is that realization that you are here right now.  You are breathing.  You are alive.  Right here, right now.  Look away from the screen and realize this is where you currently are in your life.  This is your farthest progression since you were born.  This is the present.  

The Past

Stop dwelling on anything that has happened in the past.  It no longer serves you.  That was the old you and this is the current you.  You are not the same person you were in the past so just let it go.  You are not even the same person you were twenty minutes ago.  Since then, you have had new experiences and the old you is only alive in your imagination.  Sometimes it is nice to look back on the good memories, but I wouldn't worry about anything bad that has happened to you or that you have done.  That is no longer a part of your life and is only kept alive by you in your head.  Just make the choice to let it stay in the past.  This is your clean slate.  The new you.

The Future

It is absolutely alright to be in your head thinking about the future.  Think about good things happening to you.  Think success and about what would make you happy.  This is what is going to make that a reality.  Before anything is done, it is first a thought.  You have to give yourself some time to think about what you want in your future.  You just can't overdo it!  Yes, it's great to think positively and about what you want, but you have to remember to come back to the present.  Those thoughts that you have are never going to be reality if you just sit around thinking about them.  You have to take action.  You have to work towards achieving those thoughts.  When should you work towards them?  Now!   

Noticing the Moment

When you're with your family or friends, enjoy that moment.  This is your life, make sure you love it.  Even something like driving home.  Take notice of everything you pass.  The trees, buildings or whatever your surroundings are.  Take notice of it and appreciate it.  Appreciate the moment.  Your life is one long string of moments and if you just wait around for specific ones, you miss out on all the amazing moments that happen to you on a daily basis.  Too often do people wait for things like getting a car, a job promotion, getting married, having a child, etc.. Of course these are wonderful moments of your life, but don't let them be the only time you allow yourself to be happy.  Don't miss the entire process it takes to achieve these moments.  You should always be happy with where you are and what you have.    

This is your life.  It is not on pause, and it is not unlimited.  The longer you wait, the less time to have to achieve what you want.  Take this realization and be productive!  Start a project or work on one you're already in progress with, call a friend or relative, enjoy a hobby.  You are here.  This is the time to do it, not tomorrow and not next week.  Appreciate what you've been through in the past and make plans for the future, but don't forget to stop sometimes and realize you are living in the now.

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