Law of Attraction

I have been working on law of attraction for a while now and have finally got it.  Law of attraction is the term used for the belief that thinking positively about something will bring you positive results!  It could be anything from more money, any material item, new relationships, better luck, better interactions with people, and having things work in your favor.  It's an easy concept to grasp, but it may take practice and consistency to get it down.  

How I Know It's Working

Law of attraction is something I became familiar with around July 2012, and at the time it was a piece of cake and I started noticing within weeks, but I wasn't too sure on what I was doing to make it work and lost it.  I tried to get it back for about a year and after tons of research and listening to many speakers, I finally got it back.

It was subtle at first, and I didn't really notice things happening, but I kept practicing and started seeing it more and more.  The first thing I feel I "manifested" was my trip to California.  I hit a point where one day, I made a full out decision that it was time for me to leave New Jersey and I wanted to move to California.  Later that week, I was in Florida on a vacation with family and was speaking to my aunt there, who lives in California.  She asked me when I was coming to Cali to visit and I told her I was actually thinking of moving out there soon. She said I can stay with her for like a month until I get myself situated.  I checked plane tickets, found a random day that had a ticket $400-500 cheaper than the flights on any other day, and I had my date picked.  This is what I mean by subtle.  It totally could have been coincidence, and I probably blew it off as just that at the time, even though I was practicing using the law of attraction.  I needed more proof.

Then I started focusing more on using the law of attraction to get money.  The thing about getting money is it doesn't just manifest into your bank account if you think about it enough.  (Actually, now that I think about it, there was a random time during this phase of trying to manifest money that I got $50 deposited into my bank from my old job I no longer worked at for absolutely no reason at all.  So, I mean, anything is possible.)  I started focusing on attracting opportunities to make money.  I'll explain what I mean by focusing on it and the method to get it to work in the next section down, but first here's the proof.  I like to take photographs, and, one day, went to an old furnace from the 1800s near me to take some shots to post on instagram or whatever.  Someone asked me why I don't try to sell my photographs, and I had the feeling they try to portray in cartoons with the lightbulb turning on over my head.  It was my opportunity and I had to take it.  The only issue was I needed photo paper to print on… and a nice photo printer… and a paper cutting board… and protective sleeves and backings for my prints.  Pretty much, I had nothing but my camera and a few shots I really liked.  I wasn't worried, though, and I knew it would work out for me.  This is where it gets weird. I talk to my parents about the idea of selling prints and they mention they think they had photo paper in the computer room.  I check and there are unopened packages of both gloss and matte paper!  Perfect.  Now I needed a printer.  I had to put in some work for this one and talked to employees from stores like Staples and Michaels about how much it costs to print or if they knew a good place to go.  A girl from Michaels suggested I try to get access into the local college's art room to print if I had any friends who go there.  I start texting who I knew and realize one of the guys I know who goes there is the son of an artist.  I asked him if his dad had a printer I could use and he said of course.  I go over and this guy has three huge printing machines, plus a few very high-end photo printers.  It was like the jackpot of printers.  Two down, two to go.  My father is awesome and decided to get the protective sleeves and backings for me.  Law of attraction can, and will, come to you as gifts from others.  Then a day or two later, I go to my grandparents' house to help them out with some things and go into the basement.  Sitting on the bar is an x-acto paper cutter.  I couldn't believe it.  It was the last thing I needed and it was just sitting there right in front of my face.  I had never seen the thing there before and now it was just there. I had all I needed to start selling my photographs.  You can now see and purchase my prints from the Shop.          

Now I was really starting to get this law of attraction thing down and things started to be more specific.  I was within my last week in New Jersey and was sorting through the clothes I'd take with me to California.  I found an old darker red t-shirt now with holes in it and thought to myself, "This shirt was awesome and such a cool color.  I want another shirt like this."  Few days later, I visit my uncle and he gives me a t-shirt that was the same exact color and was a perfect fit.  Then I was packing my skateboard, which looks like it may be ready to break soon, and said I would like a new skateboard for Cali.  Then I throw a going-away party and one of my friends surprises me with a new skate deck.  Seriously insane!  I was ecstatic.  I didn't even try for either the shirt or the board and honestly didn't care to try to get them anytime soon.  They just simply came to me within days of mentioning something about them.

The Secret is what first introduced me to the law of attraction.  This was probably the most life-changing movie I have
ever watched.

While I was in NJ, I was looking to see a chiropractor.  I skate a lot and do weight training, so I wanted to make sure everything was in check.  It wasn't a necessity, so I decided to hold off until I got to Cali.  The second day I'm in California,  I was skating around seeing where I can sell my photography prints and I ended up in some random little plaza.  A guy walks up and says, "Hey.  What are you up to?"  I told him I was looking for places I could sell my photography prints at and he invites me in his building to check out what I had.  After a while of talking, he says that this was a chiropractic office ( I knew, I saw the sign.) 

and asked me if I've ever had my spine checked.  I told him no, and asked how much it costs.  He told me he would do it for free.  He checks my spine, (all good except for my neck, which has been healing since I hurt it.) and gives me about a half hour of chiropractic care.  I thank him and offer to tip him, but he refused and said he has made money doing this for 20 years and is only still doing it to keep up on his practice.  He gave me his card and phone number and told me to come in whenever I want free of charge!

As you know, I love to take photos.  The camera I was using has amazing quality, but only at smaller print sizes.  I knew I needed a better camera, and I knew I would get it by using the law of attraction.  I put that feeling out there, was 100% positive I would have it come and went on with my normal life.  On my third day in California, I was driving around San Diego with my aunt and we passed a spot with a bunch of artists selling things.  I said to my aunt, "Those are the sizes of prints I want to be selling.  My camera doesn't keep its quality at that size, though."  She says, " Your uncle gave me a camera he doesn't use anymore.  You'll need a new battery, but you can have it." It's a very nice, very expensive professional camera.  Law of attraction is no joke.

How You Can Do It Too

The law of attraction works by how you feel about it.  Most people think it is the thought that makes it come, but this is wrong.  You can think "money, money, money, new relationship, new relationship, car, car, car" all you want, but until you start actually feeling the excitement of having it, you aren't going to attract anything.  What I mean by that is, simply thinking about what you want isn't going to be enough.  This is why affirmations don't work for everyone.  Just the thought or the phrase isn't enough.  The things you manifest will be things you want so much, that you physically feel the love of having it.  If you put the thought out and don't feel any excitement, then you don't want it badly enough.  Law of attraction works by feeling excitement when you have the thought of what you want.  It feels like you have more energy, it feels warm in your chest.  You feel the love of having it.

To have law of attraction work, you have to know it will.  You have to be 100% sure that it will work for you.  It works for many others and it will work for you.  You shouldn't have a single doubt, because you just know it will work.  Everything always works out for you, because you know it will.  If for some reason you still have even the slightest bit of doubt, keep telling yourself it will work anyway, until you really believe it will.  It just takes practice.  

Consistency is key.  If you want the law of attraction to be working for you, you have to let it become a part of your life.  I suggest setting a reminder that you will see every single day when you wake up and focusing on getting yourself in the mindset all throughout the day.  This is now a part of your life.  Let yourself know that these "coincidences" will be happening to you and you accept that.  I used to try to focus on law of attraction every night before bed and when I'd wake up, I'd be reset back to my normal thinking and wait until later that night to focus it again.  This was a huge mistake on my part.  You should focus on the law of attraction every day from right when you wake up, and all throughout your day, until it becomes natural.  Watch law of attraction videos and stories about the law of attraction to help you get into the mindset.

I found a huge jump in my success with the law of attraction by feeling positive and balanced.  This was done by working on my chakras.  If you aren't familiar with your chakras, check out the page on opening yours up here.  Balancing your chakras is just the fancy term for feeling comfortable with yourself and ultimately with others.  If you have a hard time showing or receiving affection, feel lost and unsure if your life is going right, are nervous around any people or speaking, then your chakras are off balance.  So I suggest opening yours now.  Not only will you feel phenomenal after, this is going to help a ton with the law of attraction.

Like I said, this is something that will take practice.  If things aren't working, keep practicing it until they do!  

That's all that is really needed in getting the law of attraction to work for you.  Feel happy, excited, and energized about what you want, know it will work and put yourself in a good positive mindset and balance your chakras.  Give it some time and practice and you will be attracting things more and more!  If you have any comments or questions, please fill them out below in the comment box or share your experiences with how the law of attraction has worked for you.  I would like to feature your story on the site!

EDIT:  The more you explore, you more you discover.  I've added a new page on the topic of law of attraction with a better understanding so you can have even More Success with the Law of Attraction.

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