Law of Attraction for a New Keyboard and Drum Pad

by Tom

Law of Attraction MIDI Keyboard and Drum Pad

Law of Attraction MIDI Keyboard and Drum Pad

I want to tell you about my success with using the law of attraction to get a new keyboard. I have been getting into music production more and more, but have been only using the keys on my laptop as a makeshift keyboard. I realized if I wanted to continue to pursue my music, I was going to have to get some sort of equipment that would allow me to play as an actual instrument.

I was really looking for a drum pad, which is a 4x4 pad that you can program any group of sounds on. It can be made into a drum rack, or it could be made into an octave of keys, so I figured this would be the best option, since Im more interested in the drumming aspect. I started looking up many different brands and watched videos to learn about them and see what they were all capable of. I knew I would get one eventually when I had enough money, but didn't stress myself out over the fact that it wouldn't be smart to buy one at the time. I just kept searching them up and knew I would have one eventually.

I just casually went about my life, aiming to stay positive and keeping my vibration raised by doing the things that made me happy. I wasn't dwelling on receiving a drum pad or thinking about it. Just went about living my life, when a friend of mine sends me a message telling me about his keyboard he got a few months ago. He said that he bought it, but ended up not really using it and was wondering if I'd like to borrow it because he knew I was into making music! Of course I said I would love to and we arranged a time when I could pick it up. When he gave it to me, I realized this wasn't just a keyboard, it was a MIDI keyboard that could be programmed to any sound imaginable, with a lot of different options to produce a unique sound! And that's not all, the keyboard has a drum rack built right into the side of the keys!! Its an all in one package of everything I had been looking into! I was ecstatic and thanked him! I won't say that it's mine, but Ive had it for about a month now and I don't think he's too antsy to ask for it back anytime soon. It has been very helpful to me and I'm so thankful that I'm able to use it! I wanted it, let it go and lived life and it just randomly came to me! The law of attraction is powerful!

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Jan 24, 2016
That's awesome!
by: TJ

Cool story about how the law of attraction brought you the complete package when you originally thought you were only going to aim for a drum pad! That's a really nice keyboard and Im sure the law of attraction can help you again and again in your musical journey! Keep it up and thanks for the story!

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