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We Did It!
Today is the final day of the law of attraction challenge!  We have had amazing success from these past 30 days and life will never be the same!  Today overviews all the awesome key features from this challenge, so if you missed any of the days, YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS ONE!  Thank you all for participating!  Much love goes out to all of you! <333

Wow!  We are almost done with this challenge and to celebrate that, we are learning about a very special topic.  That topic is LOVE.  Loving others and being loved adds to our happiness a huge amount, so today we learn how to love ourselves, how to love others and how to receive more love than we can handle! <3

Pushing Through Failure
A common barrier people encounter is feeling like we've failed.  When things don't seem to be going as planned, or haven't yet worked like expected, people sometimes view this as a failure.  This is not true.  We are just still on our journey to success.  Today we learn how to overcome this sense of failure and guarantee we reach our goals, dreams and manifestations! 

Manifesting Money!
When most people get interested in the law of attraction, they decide they want to manifest money.  The problem is many people are unsuccessful with this feat.  Today's challenge gives real-life examples of what to do so we can all be manifesting money! $$$

Attracting Good People
I've attracted people into my life directly related to what I wanted to manifest, often the next day after declaring my intent, as well as made great like-minded friends and relationships.  The law of attraction is strong on this one!  Our avenue to success is often through the help of other people!  Learn how to do it today:

Removing Toxic People!
Having a social life is important to living a fulfilled life.  Without it, we would be limiting ourselves from things like creating memories and sharing emotions, but what if the people we're around are bringing us down?  Here's what we can do and how it helps our lives and success with the law of attraction!

Remove What Doesn't Make You Happy!
Today we learn the truth about feeling "stuck" and how we all can get out of anything that isn't making us happy.  Change your life today!

Out with the Old, In with the New!
It seems many of us are holding onto old beliefs about ourselves and our lives.  Today, our lives change forever!  We learn how to set a new positive way of life.  Today is the birth of the new you!

Good Vibes
Everyone has heard the term "good vibes", but what exactly does it mean?  How can we have good vibes?  How can we give off good vibes?  How can we receive them, and how is it beneficial to the law of attraction?  Find out now!

Feelings and Emotions
The way we are feeling plays a huge role in the law of attraction.  Today we learn about our emotions and what we can do to feel good!

Law of Attraction Challenge! 2/3 Done!
It has been an amazing past 20 days and we have learned so many cool and fun ways to get the law of attraction working for us!  Today is a review of what we've learned!  Tons of great info for today!!

Vision Boards
Vision boards have been used way before the law of attraction gained popularity.  Take a look at some real proof that they work and learn how to make your own!

Using Items
Today is another fun one!  We talk about how we can use items to set our habits and assist us with our manifestations!

Today we take a look at being grateful and re-instill our habit of gratitude.  What are you grateful for?  Tell us in a comment!

Connecting to the Universe!
Today is yet another interesting one!  We make a deep scientific realization about the universe which leaves us feeling more connected to it than ever!  See how here:

Day 15 of the Law of Attraction 30 Day Challenge is here to teach us how to easily meditate!  We learn some of the benefits of meditation and how to use it to help us in life:

Follow the Rabbit
Today we learn a cool game called "Follow the Rabbit"! Check out how to play:

Yesterday we learned a great deal about binaural beats and how they can get us into an alpha brainwave state.  Today we take a deep look at intent and how these tools can help each other for success:

Binaural Beats
Today we gain a to-the-point understanding of binaural beats and how we can use them to our advantage!  This will help with many things in life, including the law of attraction:

Today is about YOU!  We've come far enough that many of you are seeing results.  Today is your opportunity to share with us your success stories and get featured on the website!  Can be about any time you were successful with law of attraction. Can't wait to read your stories!

Wow!  1/3 of the way through this challenge.  I've had great success with this, as have many others!  We've learned a lot so far so today is a recap of what we should be doing:

Some Time for Yourself
Are you struggling with changing your beliefs as you go throughout your day?  This trick will help "reset" your vibration and may change your life!

Becoming Luckier!
Today is a very interesting day!  We talk about becoming luckier with the help of the law of attraction!  I’ve had amazing results with this and you can too!

We've made it a week!  I know some of you have manifested awesome things already!  I know I have!  Today we talk about the time it takes to manifest:

Day 6 is here!  Still having trouble seeing your life change?  Today we talk about allowing the law of attraction to work for us.  Very important to our success!

Taking Action
Yesterday we covered visualization and seeing our outcome.  Today we learn about the importance of taking action and how to do it in a fun way:

Today we learn about visualization and how it assists us to obtain our manifestations:

Dive in to Day 3 and read some success stories and learn an awesome gratitude habit that is essential to success with the law of attraction and overall happiness:

Raising Our Vibration
Today we talk about the importance of feeling good!  If we want the law of attraction to work, we have to know how to raise our vibration!

Today is Day 1! Today we enforce our belief in the law of attraction with real proof!

Have you had success with the law of attraction? Click below to share your success story or read, comment and vote on success stories other visitors have already shared!

Law of Attraction Success Stories

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