Law of Attraction Challenge Day 9

Welcome to Day 9 of the Law of Attraction 30 Day Challenge!  This has already been such an amazing adventure and we're not even a third of the way done!  I'm so excited to see all the wonderful things we all manifest by the end of these 30 days!  We are all going to have new working law of attraction habits and success with it!  

Something that I've come to realize is how hard it can be to keep yourself in a new mindset and persistent with new habits while going about your normal day to day life.  Even though we don't do exactly the same thing every day, we have a set group of habits that we effortlessly stick to throughout a normal day.  This can be the habit of brushing your teeth, a habit of making the morning pot of coffee, maybe you watch your favorite tv show at a certain time every day, or maybe you have your set work schedule to follow.  It could be anything that we do more days than not, and they keep us stuck to that way of life.  We get in that groove of comfortable repetition.  

This doesn't just apply to physical action, we also have habitual ways of thinking.  What do you think about and how do you feel when you first wake up?  How are you feeling when you're on your way to school or work?  Do you talk about certain things when you're around certain people?  Do you do things around certain people, and then have other mutual interests to focus on when around someone else?  These are not necessarily bad things, (although they could be and if you think they are, then you should reconsider what you're doing) but they do keep you in a repetitive state of mind.  We feel and act a certain way when we go through a normal day and it can be hard to focus on our new law of attraction beliefs and habits if we keep ourselves in our everyday groove.  

Take Time for Yourself

It isn't always easy to think about the law of attraction when we are already so used to our current way of living, so something that has helped me is to give myself a few days to just myself.  If you can only find one day to keep to yourself, then that's fine, but I suggest trying to give yourself a few days.  Plan to stay home or go somewhere more secluded.  What this does is gives you time to put out an entirely different vibration, and time to adjust to your new habits.  Being around other people kinda pressures you to be the type of person you were to them last time you saw them.  They might not be doing anything out of the ordinary themselves and it's a good possibility you will feel the same way around them as you always do.  Allow yourself a few days to "reset" this vibration and to focus on starting your new way of life.

It feels really good to give yourself some time alone.  Use this time to relax and adjust your habits and the feelings you have and the energy you give off.  Let the world continue to revolve and just focus on you.  Spend this time practicing your gratitude and feeling good, excited and energized.  Practice your affirmations and affirm your belief in the law of attraction.  I highly suggest meditating also, as this is the best way to go within yourself and focus your thoughts at a deep, inner subconscious level.  Do whatever you can during your absence from the world to practice your law of attraction techniques and to raise your vibration.

When you finally go back to your social life, it will be as if there was a shift in the world.  You will be feeling much better and happier, and it won't seem weird since people haven't seen you for a bit.  This time away from the world gives the world time to adjust to the vibration you're giving off.  This is where all the wonderful things happen to you because of your new habits and success with the law of attraction.  This is the world you want to live in, where you are a creator and the world is working in your favor.  Life will seem to be going much better, because you have new thought patterns and habits and it is showing in the world.  All you had to do was give it a few days alone to shift the world around you.  

Like always, I'm coming from personal experience.  I have had times where I'll keep to myself for a few days focusing on how good my life is and how grateful I am for what I currently have.  When I go back to seeing my friends, I'm in a much more uplifted mood and my friends are always happy to see me.  I'll have positive experiences all throughout the day and feel great because I've been on that type of vibration the past few days.  There have been times where I'll have an entirely new set of thoughts and beliefs and it will just feel like that's who I am and always was, even if I didn't feel that way before I took some time for myself.  My friends and family just see me as this type of person now and believe in it just as much as I do, because that really is the new me.  It's like the world around me changes to make my beliefs true.  I do this almost every time I want to see a change in my life.  I give myself a few days to drill in my new set of beliefs and then go out and express myself as this new person and life seems to always agree.  You can do this for anything you want to, whether it be a more confident business person, a more comfortable person in social situations, a luckier person, a more positive uplifted person, a leader, or really anything else that requires a different mindset, including a person who is happy with life and is successful with the law of attraction.

Your Tasks:

  • Take some time for yourself!  Go for a solo walk through nature, or just relax at home.  Anything to get away and focus on only you.

  • Reaffirm your belief in the law of attraction.  "The law of attraction works.  It works for others and it is working for me." 

  • Do things that you enjoy! Keep your vibration raised!

  • Write down the things you are grateful for from your day.

  • Find time to close your eyes and visualize!  See yourself with your manifestation and pretend like you already have it!

  • Remember to take inspired action!  If you have a goal, do things that take you step by step closer and the opportunities and manifestations will arise!

  • Let it go!  Release that energy.  It is yours now.  Don't worry about it, just live your amazing life!

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