Law of Attraction Challenge Day 8

Something that is fun to focus on with the law of attraction is bringing more luck to yourself.  I have found myself to be very lucky after focusing on "how lucky I am".  Maybe a month ago, I saw a picture of someone going to a day club pool party with a dj on stage and I thought that it would be cool to go to one of those.  I didn't think it would be so soon!  A few days ago, I get a text from a friend of mine saying she is celebrating her birthday at a day club and that we'd be taking a party bus to the casino!  At this point, I was already excited.  Then a day later, I was talking to the guy at my phone carrier's store (I got the iPhone 6 and ended up getting my phone bill reduced! It was also the last iPhone 6 in the store, so that's pretty lucky, too!), and he tells me that a dj/producer that I'm a fan of will be playing somewhere around here the following day.  He starts to remember the name of the place and it's the day club my friend is having her birthday at!  I was ecstatic! 

We go to the club and I instantly see another friend of mine!  I hadn't seen him in a while so it was cool he was there.  He hands me a drink and that is the start of the following free drinks I was given throughout the rest of the day!  I'd say that's pretty lucky!  I have many different occasions in my life where I randomly find something, meet the type of people who I'm trying to meet, am given things, have right place, right time moments, end up being invited to do things I want to do, or anything else you can consider as luck.     

How to Become Lucky with Law of Attraction

Like anything else with the law of attraction, being grateful is a big step towards success.  Try to be grateful for everything you already have and are currently receiving throughout your day.  Every day, I am grateful for the awesome friends I have, the opportunities I'm presented with, my health, my family and their health, having a roof over my head, having food to eat and water to drink, a phone, a laptop, and many many other things that I can find just by looking around me.  I try to write a list of everything I'm grateful for down in a journal as often as I can.  It helps me to realize all the things I have in my life, as well as gets me excited and raises my energy and vibration and helps the law of attraction work.  Be grateful everyday!  

Another thing that I found helped me to be more lucky is listening to affirmation videos.  There are tons of videos online of affirmations for pretty much anything you can think of.  Most recommend that you listen to them with headphones, but I've found it also works without them.  If they have binaural beats playing with the affirmations, you'll definitely get a stronger affect by listening to them with headphones, but they can work without them.  I also recommend you repeat the affirmations after the audio says them.  This helps you train your subconscious to the new belief of you being a lucky person.  It's not necessary, but you'll see much better results if you repeat the affirmations.

Here's a video I found with affirmations to improve your luck.  If you want to have the video repeat itself, go to and follow the instructions to have any youtube video play on repeat.  This is great if you want to fall asleep and still have the affirmations play while you're sleeping.  This is a wonderfully effective method.

Above all, affirmations that you make up yourself will probably be the most effective in training your subconscious.  Affirmations that you create seem to have more truth and power behind them because they are truly your words.  Make up your own to repeat throughout the day, and listen to audios and videos while you sleep and you will be very lucky in no time!

The last major step in improving your luck with the law of attraction is knowing that it will work.  Really feel the emotion and certainty in your affirmations and gratitude and be 100% positive that you will become more lucky.  You will start to notice it and even your friends and family will notice it.  They will wonder how you got to be so lucky all the time.  They will notice that good things happen to you.  Know it is working and let it go.  Don't worry or stress about it.  If you aren't noticing your luck increase in a few days, don't stress it and keep working on your affirmations.  It will happen, just let it play out.

Your Tasks:

  • Reaffirm your belief in the law of attraction.  "The law of attraction works.  It works for others and it is working for me." 

  • Do things that you enjoy! Keep your vibration raised!

  • Write down the things you are grateful for from your day.

  • Find time to close your eyes and visualize!  See yourself with your manifestation and pretend like you already have it!

  • Remember to take inspired action!  If you have a goal, do things that take you step by step closer and the opportunities and manifestations will arise!

  • Let it go!  Release that energy.  It is yours now.  Don't worry about it, just live your amazing life!

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