Law of Attraction Challenge Day 5

Wow!  Already day 5 of the Law of Attraction 30 Day Challenge!  So far, we've covered the importance of believing in the law of attraction and knowing it is working for us, feeling good and enjoying life, being grateful for our lives in our current state, and visualizing ourselves as already having our manifestation.  This is the point many people seem to stop at.  I've been guilty of this mistake in the past, too.  

After viewing films like The Secret, or listening to people's success stories, it's common for people to feel like all you need to do is feel good, visualize, and then sit back and relax and watch your dream life come true.  We somehow expect that we don't have to do anything else and things will just randomly come to us and we will become rich.  Although this would be nice, it just doesn't work that way.  If we want the law of attraction to actually bring us to our goals, we have to take action!

Yes, it's true.  We have to actually do something in our lives to have the law of attraction work.  Without taking action, our manifestation is there and in our heads, but we are not physically doing anything, so it is not physically manifesting.  

What kind of action are we supposed to be taking?

First off, whatever action you decide to take, it should be something you feel good about doing.  Some people refer to this as "inspired action", because they feel like it's right for them to be taking this action.  Life is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, so if you're pursuing things that you really don't enjoy, you're coming from a bad state of mind and a negative energy, resulting in aggravation, set-backs, inconveniences and unhappiness.   Even if you eventually do achieve your goal, you're not enjoying it and it's bound to come with some sort of negative aspect attached to it.

I've been using this whole DJing thing going on in my life as proof that the law of attraction is working for me, so let's look at the kind of action I took to get where I am with it.  In the very beginning, I wanted to get into being a DJ, so I took action to buy the proper equipment needed.  That in itself was inspired action that I felt great about.  Then I took the action to practice and learn how to use my equipment.  This was always fun for me, because I enjoy doing it.  Eventually, I got good enough to where I wanted to start looking for places I could DJ at and set my intention to attract opportunities.  Literally the day after I set that intention, I went to hang out with some friends and ended up meeting a really cool guy who I got along great with.  We were talking and he tells me he is the owner of a club that plays local DJs!  Boom!  I took action to go out in the world and meet people and attracted a club owner.  He asked me for a CD with some of my stuff burned onto it, which I didn't have, but that inspired me to make some to carry in my bag with me.  After that, I attracted two more people who just so happened to either work in bars and clubs or knew someone who does that is looking for DJs.  Honestly, they didn't feel right to me, even though I gave them my info anyway, because who knows where that may lead.  I was just very thankful that these opportunities are being presented to me and in such a short time of setting my intention to manifest them.  Then as you read yesterday, I took action to go out and have fun at the skatepark.  I was just there to meet up with a friend, skate and be open to talking to other skaters.  I somehow end up next to this guy and we started talking.  He tells me he is the manager of a bar/club and I tell him about this site and DJing.  He gets excited and asks for my information to listen to my stuff and contact me.  It just so happens that I have some CDs in my bag that I was inspired to burn and gave him one so he can listen to it.  I wasn't even thinking about DJing or attracting opportunities, but there he was, the manager in need of a new DJ.  

If I didn't take action to burn my mix on CDs, I wouldn't have had them there for the opportunity.  If I didn't take action to go have fun at the skatepark, I wouldn't have become friends with the manager.  I would've just been at home rewatching The Secret and wondering why these opportunities aren't landing in my lap.

It seems that many of the opportunities that lead people to success come from meeting new people, or associating with people they already know.  Don't be afraid to be social.  If you're the type of person who has trouble in social situations, we have something in common.  I used to be a nervous wreck around others.  It was something that I had to overcome and I am very comfortable socially now.  Read Self Help for Social Anxiety to learn what I did to fix it!  We are all here together going down our individual life paths with knowledge that can help others, or dilemmas that can be fixed by others.  Many of the things I've attracted have been through other people, and I know that I try to help others with what they want as much as I can.  Take action to go out and be with other people! Just don't limit your belief that you have to obtain things through other people.  The law of attraction can bring you want you want through infinite possibilities.  Your job is to know it is yours, enjoy your life, visualize and take action towards your goal.  When you see an opportunity pop up, take action on the opportunity.  This is how you get closer and closer to actually manifesting what you want.

Even those who claim they won the lottery because of the law of attraction took that inspired action to go out and buy a lottery ticket.  Taking action is a major step in being successful with the law of attraction.  Check out this video giving another great analogy of action taking with the law of attraction.  

Your Tasks:

  • Reaffirm your belief in the law of attraction.  "The law of attraction works.  It works for others and it is working for me." 

  • Do things that you enjoy! Keep your vibration raised!

  • Write down the things you are grateful for from your day.

  • Find time to close your eyes and visualize!  See yourself with your manifestation and pretend like you already have it!

  • Remember to take inspired action!  If you have a goal, do things that take you step by step closer and the opportunities and manifestations will arise!

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