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Welcome to Day 30 of the Law of Attraction Challenge!  Today is the final day of the challenge!  I'm so happy for all the success we all have had over the past 30 days!  This has truly been a remarkable and life changing experience!  We have learned so much about the law of attraction and how to make it work for us.  Life will never be the same!

We started this challenge off by providing real proof that the law of attraction works for people.  We watched videos and testimonials to help us believe in the law of attraction.  The concept of the law of attraction is that we can manifest our reality based on our thoughts, feelings and actions.  This is tough for people to believe because the idea of our thoughts affecting our reality has never been accepted as logical by society.  The more we expose this amazing technique of success, the more people get to benefit from it and the more accepted it becomes.  It had been discussed for decades in books such as Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, but it was The Secret which sparked the popularity of the law of attraction.  Many celebrities use the law of attraction and you can find many interviews of them talking about how it has worked for them.  Jim Carrey, Will Smith and Oprah are just a few.  

We then learned that in order to obtain our manifestations, we had to declare our intent.  This is whatever goal or dream we have that we wish to manifest with the law of attraction.  Most commonly, people want to manifest money, relationships, cars or houses, but we have learned that it is possible to obtain absolutely anything.

To set our intentions, we have to focus on getting ourselves in a good mood, clear our minds and focus on exactly what it is that we want.  I have created an Intention Box for us all to use to set our intentions.  To use it, write exactly what it is that you want to manifest, then focus all of your energy on it being your reality as you submit your intention.  Your email is not required, but if you include it, you will be submitted for our giveaways and entered to win cool stuff and sometimes free access to expensive programs.  This box is used by many people and has a lot of energy and power behind it.  When you click submit, you are declaring that this is your intention and this is what you will get.

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Congrats on setting your intention!  That is a HUGE step and is the start of you obtaining whatever it is you would like.  Now it is up to you to get yourself feeling good.  We have learned the importance of enjoying ourselves and doing things that raise our vibration so the law of attraction will work.

This puts us in a great mood and brings us happiness, which we should be grateful for.  Gratitude puts us in a mental state of receiving and thanks, which is where we want to be for the law of attraction to give us more of what we want.  It also inspires us to be taking action towards our goals and dreams.  We have learned that the universe provides us with opportunities, which we learned how to notice with the very fun game called Follow the Rabbit.  It us up to us to take action on these rabbits when they pop up.  

Throughout this challenge, we learned how to improve our own luck.  I personally have amazing success with this and have a lot of luck finding things or am given random things that I want, like money, tickets for free rides RIGHT when I need one, the perfect parking spot, and even multiple skateboards.  I also find myself to be in right place, right time moments when I focus on becoming luckier with the law of attraction.

We have learned many great techniques that help us be successful with the law of attraction, like when we learned what binaural beats are and how to use them.  We learned how to feel connected to the universe, which is something we all should do, anyway, even if it isn't for the law of attraction.  We also learned how to properly meditate, which is another technique that helps us with many things in life besides the law of attraction.  With meditation, we can reduce and eliminate stress, become fully relaxed which helps our overall health and can cure us of ailments and diseases. Meditation also increases our energy, helps us sort out our thoughts and realize whats most important to name a few of the many benefits meditation offers.  Meditating has helped me immensely in my life.  I have learned a lot through meditating and have had life-changing realizations during it on multiple occasions.  I highly suggest we all learn how to meditate!

We also learned about using items to assist us on our journey, like how the gratitude rock was used in the documentary, The Secret.  Another popular method that we learned about is how to use vision boards.  Vision boards have been around for a very long time and both my grandmother and mother have had their own vision boards in the past, where they successfully manifested what was on their boards, like the house my parents currently live in, which turned out to be a replica of the one my mom drew up and put on her vision board many years back.

During the challenge, we learned how we are never truly stuck in any situation (like a bad job), and we learned how we can get out of these situations!  We can remove anything that doesn't make us happy.  This doesn't have to just apply to things like jobs or the things we do with friends.  We also learned that there are toxic people in the world who bring us down and do not bring us any sort of benefit.  We learned how to remove these toxic people without hurting anyone's feelings which makes us much happier than we were!  Sometimes the toxic people turn out to be ourselves.  People are known to hold onto negative beliefs and bad habits that are self destructive.  On Day 23, we learned of the powerful technique to reset our beliefs and start fresh with a clean slate, becoming the person we truly want to be.   

It is very common for people to decide they want to manifest money when they hear about the law of attraction.  The problem is that many people go about it the wrong way.  During this challenge we took a look at exactly how to manifest money and build our wealth and success!  If money isn't what you want to manifest with the law of attraction, you're probably looking for love.  Love is a powerful emotion and although it is possible to be happy without it, we can always be much happier with it.  We learned how to love ourselves, as well as others and how to receive more love than we can handle! 

I am so happy with the success of this challenge and all of the success we have had because of it! Life is amazing if you allow it to be and take the steps necessary to make it be!  Thank you all so much for your participation and positive feedback!  I love hearing about your success stories so be sure to let us know yours in a comment below!  If you'd like to speak to me personally, you can do so on the Contact page.


Your Tasks:

  • Declare your intention in our Intention Box above.  Many people use this to start their journey to success!

  • If you missed the challenge, you can start now at Day 1.

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