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Welcome to Day 29 of the Law of Attraction Challenge!  No matter what we do in life, it is always backed up by love.  Every dream and goal we have is propelled by love.  Everything we do that makes us happy is because of our love for it, whether we choose to express it or not.  Love brings people together and brings happiness.  Love is a very important aspect of life and without it, where would we even be?  

Although it is possible to be happy without love, you'll never be as happy as you can be with it.  The problem many people face is they close themselves off to the possibility of love.  This is usually because of negative thoughts and experiences like bad relationships or not liking your appearance.  People get into those states of mind and declare their reality as their negative beliefs.  To get over that, we need to realize that we control the way our lives turn out and we have to change our ideas about ourselves.  We need to release old negative beliefs and instill new ones.  We learned how to have a clean slate and start being the person we want to be on Day 23, so if you missed that, I suggest you check it out now.

Self Love

First and foremost, we have to learn to love ourselves.  We have to accept who we are and be happy with how we look.  Self love is important to our lives, because without it, we wouldn't love ourselves enough to pursue our dreams and goals.  Without it, we're not accepting ourselves and how can you expect others to accept you if you don't?  We need to love ourselves because this is who we are and we need to love that to be happy with ourselves and with others.  

If you're having trouble loving yourself, figure out what you aren't happy with and fix it.  If your appearance is holding you back, eat healthier and exercise.  Not only will you look much better, you'll feel a lot better, too.  We should be staying healthy anyway.  Wear clothes that fit your body better and make an effort to work on your appearance. If you put in the effort, you will see the results and it will feel great! 

Loving affirmations also are a great way to realize how much you love yourself.  If you want to step it up a notch, look at yourself in the mirror and say "I love you" to yourself over and over.  This helps you visualize yourself as you put out the positive thoughts and feelings of love towards yourself.

We should also be doing the things in our lives that we enjoy doing.  We have been focusing on this for the entire law of attraction challenge, and it comes into play here as well.  Do what you enjoy and have fun.  Allow yourself to have fun.  This uplifter will help in becoming more loving.  

Loving Others

When it comes to love, what you give out is what you get back.  If we want to attract more love in our lives, we have to be putting out a lot of love.  Focus your thoughts and actions around love.  Feel love for others and express it when you can.  The more love you give, the more love will be returned to you.  If we want to attract loving relationships, we have to give off love first!  Think about love and do loving things until you feel it!  

Speaking of feeling love, are you aware that you can actually feel love in your chest?  Have you ever had that heart warming feeling when something is touching?  Or the burst of energy we feel in our chests when we're in loving situations?  This energy is called our heart chakra.  The heart chakra is located in the center of the chest and is opened when we're feeling loving and loved.  We can focus on bringing forth this energy to create that warming sensation whenever we want.  It is useful to work on opening the heart chakra to get into that loving emotion, which will drive you to take loving actions.  I'm very fond of this method. 

Express love whenever you can and watch as love comes back to you even stronger!  Focusing on love will change your life and improve it significantly.  It feels amazing to love and be loved. It adds a huge part of our happiness.  Be loving towards your friends, family and everyone else!  Love attracts love! <3

Your Tasks:

  • Love yourself.  If you struggle with this, TODAY is the day you take action to fix this.

  • Be grateful for the love you currently have to give and receive.

  • Be loving towards others.  Love feels really good, so practice being loving.  It will come back to you.

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