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Manifesting Money

Welcome to Day 27 of the Law of Attraction Challenge!  When most people learn about the law of attraction, they want to use it to manifest money.  This has become a very controversial aspect of the law of attraction and is often misunderstood.  People often think that all they have to do is be grateful and put out thoughts of abundance and the money will start to randomly appear.  Although these are part of the process, it's not all there is to it.  

Since we started this challenge, my life has personally changed a drastic amount for the better in all areas.  One of these areas is my financial situation.  Over the past year, I have only worked at a job for about five months.  My friends and family often ask me how I still have money and am able to live.  It's hard to explain to them on the spot what I do and how the law of attraction helps me keep a positive bank account.  

The Mindset

The mindset is a major part of getting the law of attraction to work with anything, not just for making money.  This is a basic part and has been covered in depth during the first few days of this challenge.  If you have followed this entire challenge, you should already have shifted your mindset to an entirely new way of thinking by now.  If you are just coming across this page or are still not feeling the law of attraction works for you, I suggest you take the time to check the Law of Attraction Challenge Index and read up on the topics you don't know much about.  Essentially, we want to be in a state of knowing things are going to work out for us.  This challenge is filled with many techniques that will get us into this sense of knowing.

I am always 100% positive things will work out for me.  I just know it will.  Every time I've needed money, there has been some way it has gotten to me.  I have full faith in this.  You want to be in this state of mind.

We should also think of ourselves as having money.  This is where Visualization comes into play. We have to feel ourselves as someone who has money.  We have to feel ourselves as someone that is presented with many opportunities to make money.  If we're consistent with this, the money will start to come.

The Action

Obtaining money through the law of attraction often requires us to take action.  There have been times where I have randomly received $50 deposited from a past job or people give me gifts of cash, but more commonly, there is something that has to be done.  In my case, usually it's an opportunity presented from someone I know.  This is why it's important to give off Good Vibes and know how to Attract Good People.  Over this past month I have been given many opportunites to make money through the people I know.

Back on Day 14, we learned how to play the game "Follow the Rabbit".  This is how I have found a few of my leads to financial opportunities.  I see little hints here and there, or am asked to do something for cash.  There was a time this month where I felt really good and wealthy and was simply skating down the sidewalk.  A guy gives me a high five as I pass and then offers me $5 if I land a kick flip.  This site also gets discovered by companies who send me free products and ask if I'd like to become an affiliate for them.  I always test them out and if I like what they are offering, I share them and am rewarded for doing this.  I also have received a number of job offers that can make me more money.  Since I am not interested in working a job, I usually turn these down, but they are still rabbits that can lead me to more money if I decide to take them.  I remember how hard it used to be to get a job.  Now, I turn down many job offers while I'm just out and about having fun and doing what I like to do.  To me, it is important that I'm happy over rich, so I only accept opportunities that I can enjoy doing.

We have to be taking some sort of action when these opportunities (rabbits) pop up if we want to actually get the money.  Like how I had to do a kick flip for $5, or how I'd have to be working an hourly paying job at the places my friends let me know they can get me a job at.  A huge action that I do take is through this website.  This site is loaded with tons of valuable information that helps many many people every single day.  I really enjoy this!  I love helping others and it feels great to hear back from people who have taken something from my work and experiences and have changed their lives for the better because of it.  This is a huge action that I take and am rewarded when someone clicks an ad, or buys a product I recommend.  We have to be taking actions if we want the money to come to us!

In Conclusion

The mindset is important for us to start manifesting money.  Once we have this down, spreading value and taking actions is what will create the avenues which money will flow to us.  We have to be in a good and grateful mood, which is achieved by thinking positively and doing things that we enjoy doing.  Anyone can manifest money and I have noticed that the more I have faith in the law of attraction and the more actions I take, the more money comes to me.  I have been offered multiple business opportunities over this past month and have meetings coming up for the ones I decided to take.  Money opportunities can flow easily to us, we just have to take the actions and provide some sort of value or service so we can be paid.  

Your Tasks:

  • If you're still not clear on how the law of attraction works, visit the Law of Attraction Challenge Index and read up!

  • Do things that you enjoy!

  • When you see an opportunity that you can enjoy, take it!

  • Work from your heart to complete your tasks and provide as much value as you can.

  • Enjoy the money you will start to see flowing to you!

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