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Attracting Good People

Welcome to Day 26 of the Law of Attraction Challenge!  The past two days' challenges were about removing things we don't enjoy from our lives and removing toxic people that are bringing us down.  Sometimes people feel like they're "stuck" in a situation.  It's good to realize that we're never truly stuck.  We can always fix our current situation.  We have learned to let go of that which no longer serves us, but we also have to be open to creating new relationships and situations.

We can use the law of attraction to bring good people into our lives.  If you have followed the challenge, you have seen quite a few times where this has happened to me over these past 30 days.  I've met people who are into businesses that I've been looking to get into and focused on with the law of attraction, and also a bunch of new good friends to have fun with.  I've met people who like similar things as me and who can help me with things I want to pursue, as well as have things I can help them with.  This is one where the law of attraction comes in strong.

Putting Out a Friendly Vibe

To attract people who we want in our lives, we should be putting off a friendly good vibe.  On Day 22, we talked about what it means to have good vibes, how we can give off good vibes and how we can receive good vibes.  This is very handy information when putting off a vibe that people want to be around.  The way we're feeling has a big play in the feeling people get from us.  We want to be doing things in our lives that put us in a good mood, so other people feel good being around us.  We should try to be a good encounter for people, and we will get back what we give.  For a more in- depth look at how we can do that, refer back to Day 22 of the Law of Attraction Challenge.

If we are feeling good and have been taking the proper actions, we can use the law of attraction to bring people that you want into our lives.  An example I can give you is when I decided I wanted to start looking for a venue I could DJ at.  I focused my intent and literally a day later, I was hanging out with some people I knew and meeting some of their friends and found out I was talking to someone who was the owner of a club that has local DJs come in.  Then I met someone a few days later just skating at the skatepark.  After hanging out for a while, he tells me he is the manager of a bar right on the beach which has DJs play and is looking for new talent.  I manifested these experiences into my life and the right type of people came about when I was hoping for them.    

Be Open

Be open to meeting new people.  A lot of people have a hard time meeting and being comfortable around new people.  This is something I also used to struggle with in the past.  If you're putting off a good vibe and are doing things you enjoy, people are not going to be out to get you.  They are going to want to be friendly and are hoping for awesome interactions with people, just like you are.  Just be friendly and casual towards others and many friendships, relationships, opportunities and experiences can unfold.  People are everywhere!  Don't be shy if you have something you can relate to and start up a conversation.

  Meeting people through people we already know is a great way to expand our social circles, too.  I love meeting people through mutual friends because there's a really good chance we'll have something in common, and if not, at least we have good company.  

When we are focusing our intent on manifesting something with the law of attraction, other people are often going to assist us towards reaching our manifestations.  Being good to others will bring good back to us.  We also attract people who have similar interests to us and are encouraging and fun to be around.  We just have to feel good, be cool to others and be open to meeting someone new.  We can build an awesome and ideal social circle this way, which will make us happier, provide experiences and memories, and help us on our life journeys.  We can manifest the right people into our lives.

Your Tasks:

  • Practice feeling good and giving off a good vibe.

  • Do things you enjoy!  Have fun!  

  • Be open to meeting new people.

  • Be good to these people and do what you can to be a good experience for them.  It will come back to you.

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