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Removing Toxic People

Welcome to Day 25 of the Law of Attraction Challenge!  Yesterday, we talked about removing the things we're doing in our lives that don't make us happy.  This could be a job that makes us miserable, or even something we do with our friends that isn't actually an interest of ours.  On the other hand, if we are doing things that we actually are interested in, but still aren't happy doing them, perhaps we're doing things with the wrong people.  That's what today's challenge is about.   

Being social and connecting with others is an important part of life.  Some people may be more social than others, and if you're not one who likes to associate with that many people, that's perfectly fine, but we as humans need some sort of interaction with others to live a more fulfilled life.  If we didn't, we would be limiting ourselves immensely.  We would miss out on sharing experiences and memories.  We wouldn't get to experience emotions and feelings that we have about others.  We wouldn't have people to care for and help, or to care about and help us.  Whether it be with family, friends, lovers, coworkers, customers, or anyone else you associate with, some sort of interaction is pretty important.

During this experience of socializing, we are bound to come across some people who seem to bring us down.  They may seem great at first, but after getting to know them more, we find ourselves not enjoying the time we spend with them.  It can be hard to come to terms with this once we get used to being around people and maybe even attached to them, but these people should not be in our lives so much.  If there is anything in our lives that doesn't make us happy, we have to do something to fix it.  

What Can We Do?

Sometimes we meet people and get to know them and eventually see the type of person they truly are.  If they turn out to be very negative people and are doing things that we don't enjoy, it is harmful to ourselves to keep them around.  If you feel like this person is just in a dark place and just needs some help, do what you can to help uplift them.  Realize though, that we have no control over anyone but ourselves and if this person turns out to not want to change, we can't do anything about that and should just try to get these people out of our lives.  

If you feel the best option is to remove this person from your life, know that you don't have to just immediately start ignoring them, although that will work.  It just isn't that nice.  I suggest gradually giving yourself more time away from them.  This will allow you to see if the person is just going through a rough time, or is constantly a person who brings you down.  If we continue to distance ourselves from these people, they will start to not be so much a part of our lives and it won't seem weird when neither of you are contacting the other.    

If the person who brings us down is a part of our family, this is a tougher situation.  I have friends who have a mother that brings them down.  Although they love her and she loves them very much, she is producing negative emotions and stress that is harmful to them.  If you find yourself in a situation like this, you should realize that the emotions and negativity that your relative emit have nothing to do with you.  This is a personal issue that they have and we should not let their negative thought patterns affect us in our lives.  Focus your energy on good things and if you love your relative, continue to show them love and support.  Focus on shielding yourself from any negative energy and continue to live your life happily.  Distance yourself a bit from these people, but I suggest still staying in touch and spreading good vibes to them when you can. 

Depending on the situation, it may be the hardest to let go of people we are in relationships with.  When we open ourselves up to people and allow ourselves to get close to someone, it can be hard to let them go.  We may have felt like things were absolutely perfect with our partner at first, but sometimes things don't work out and the person we're with may be causing us to feel bad.  It's common that we hold on to the feelings we had at the start of the relationship and hope that somehow those emotions will come back.  We have expressed ourselves and gotten very close to these people, and it's not easy to just let that go.  If the person we're in a relationship with is bringing us down, we have to come to terms that the relationship has to end.  Our joy and happiness is important and the people we get into relationships with should be adding to that.  If our partner does not make us happy, we have to end the relationship.  Staying in it will continue to bring us down and hold us back from pursuing the ideal and happy life we should be living.  

Relation to the Law of Attraction

It may have seemed like we got a bit off topic, but this really does come into play with the law of attraction.  Our happiness is important and if we're around people who don't make us happy, we are not in a good state of mind.  There are many many people out there who will make us happy, so it is better for us to spend our time with them.  When we are happy, our vibration is raised, our mood is uplifted, we're more energized and we are following our hearts and path.  This is essential for the law of attraction to work because we have to be feeling these positive emotions to manifest positive experiences.  There will be many people who will help us out in life, so if you can think of someone who is bringing you down, today is the day you decide to do something to fix it.  

Your Tasks:

  • Think if there is anyone in your life who brings you down.  Could be friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.

  • Stop giving them your time and attention and focus on your happiness!

  • Do things you enjoy and spend time around people who you like to be around.

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