Law of Attraction Challenge

Out with the Old, In with the New

Welcome to Day 23 of the Law of Attraction Challenge!  I've noticed that many people who become interested in the law of attraction go about their thinking in the wrong way.  Most of the information out about the law of attraction tells us that for the law of attraction to be successful, we have to think about our manifestations coming to us and that is supposed to be the ticket to success.  Although that is part of the process, this is not all there is to having the correct mindset.

Our minds are very powerful.  The way we think plays a huge part in how our lives turn out.  If we are thinking negatively, we are focusing on negativity and that is what we will continue to get.  When we flip the script and think positively about things, we notice a huge change in the quality of our lives.

Release Old Negative Beliefs

I understand that this is easier said than done, so today is about building a new set of beliefs and changing our lives!  Most of us have some sort of negative belief or habit that serves no purpose to us.  It may be that we think of ourselves as undeserving of wealth, love or happiness.  It may be that we think of ourselves as unconfident.  It may be that we think of ourselves as uncreative.  Whatever it is, today is the day we change that belief!  

The best way to go about this would be in a meditative state, like we discussed and learned how to do on Day 15.  Meditating while forming new beliefs is probably the most effective way to go about it, but we can also do it without it.  However, the results will not be as effective and quick without meditating on it.  I'm going to guide you through the process while you read this, but I highly recommend you do it while meditating after you finish reading.  

To start, we have to get in the moment.  Realize that this is the present, right here, right now.  You are breathing in present time and you are exactly here at this time.  Do you feel that?  Take a look around you and realize that this is your life happening right now.  This is the present moment.  In this moment, a change is happening.  We have lived our lives with our habits and beliefs, but right now in this moment, that is changing.  Nothing that has happened to us is relevant or important.  The only thing that is important is your new choice to throw away all of your old negative beliefs.  

From this point on, we can do anything we want!  We can be whoever we want and do whatever we want!  This is our clean slate.  The new us.  This is the permission we wanted to change everything and make life much better.  Notice this present moment.  This is a powerful moment.

Congratulations!  The shift has been made!  All of those old limiting beliefs no longer serve us.  We are clear now.  We are different.  We are new and refreshed.

The New Us

It feels good to have gotten rid of the old us.  It's only uphill from here!  Now it is time for us to set our new beliefs and habits.  From now on, we are living a positive life and things just get better and better.  Now is the time to declare the person we want to be.

Grab a pen and paper and write down your new beliefs.  What is the new you like?  Do you see the good in things?  There is so much great stuff happening around us and we are now going to take notice of that.  Are we confident?  We are now.  Are we open to money making opportunities?  Are we more loving?  Write down everything the new you is.  This is going to now be who you are.  Write down exactly who you want to be.  

Now that we have declared our new set of beliefs, let's affirm it!  Reread and repeat your list of traits that the new you holds.  From now on, this is the person you are.  Repeat each trait at least 20 times each.  Really drill it in, because this is now your new way of thinking.

Hold on to your list and put it somewhere you will see it often.  Use it as a reminder that this is the new you.  Read it every day right when you wake up and before you go to bed.  

Being It

The new beliefs we declare really are the new us.  We live life as this person now.  We are confident.  We are loving.  We are successful and take successful actions.  We are seeing the good in life.  Life is awesome, because we know it is.  Great things happen to us!  The more we instill this belief, the more we see ourselves reflect it in our lives.  Life took a huge turn the moment you released those old beliefs and wrote down your new ones.  Life is different from here on out!

Your Tasks:

  • Release your old beliefs.  They no longer serve you.

  • Write down exactly who the new you is.

  • Meditate on it!  I promise this will bring results much faster!

  • Stay consistent being the new you.  Life will never be the same!

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