Law of Attraction Challenge Day 21

Feelings & Emotions

Welcome to Day 21 of the Law of Attraction 30 Day Challenge!  This has been an awesome month so far for me and I hope it has been for all of you, too!  I've manifested new skateboards, free access to events and concerts, free drinks at the events, a number of new opportunities to make money, a few really good friends, luck, health, quick healing and I'm sure more if I really think about it.  The law of attraction is a wonderful thing!

The thing about the law of attraction is it greatly depends on how you're feeling.  I've noticed throughout this challenge that the days I'm feeling really good are filled with more awesome things happening.  The days that I was lazy and not raising my vibration were just days passing by without anything too significant happening.  Because of this, I want to emphasize the importance of emotion and feelings.

The way you feel has a huge impact on how the law of attraction plays out for you.  As I'm sure you know by now, thinking negative and feeling down is going to bring you nothing but more things to feel down and be negative about.  We all know someone who is always thinking negatively about everything going on in their lives.  How much fun are these people having in their lives?  Little to none.  They constantly talk about how much work sucked that day or how the person on the phone was such an idiot and so unhelpful.  Who's heard people use this one, "Every time I get something done or fixed, something else breaks or comes up.  It's always something..."?  And what happens to these people?  More things break, they have horrible experiences with others and bad things seem to constantly happen to them.  They think that "That's life" or "It is what it is.", but we know better.  This is them putting out negative thoughts, feelings and emotions, and getting back exactly what they give out.     

When we focus the law of attraction, we want to have ourselves in a good mood and feeling great!  This is the vibration we want to give off, because that is where the things we want to manifest are.  We want to come from a place of happiness, excitement and love, so that our lives are filled with just that.  We want to try to stay in these positive feelings as often as possible.

How Do We Feel Better Emotionally?

I've found the best times to focus on moods is when we wake up and when we go to sleep.  This sets us up for the rest of the day in a good mood and falling asleep feeling great.  Life is for fun!  It is awesome, and good things can happen to us, as long as we know they will.  This doesn't mean we should only limit our mood shifts when we wake up and go to bed, try to stay in a good mood constantly throughout the day!  

Getting in a good mood is the same as raising our vibration.  I've made a long list of ways we can raise our vibration, but I'll give you a few ideas here.  Check the How to Raise Your Vibration page to see the full list.

One of my favorite ways to raise my vibration is to listen to music that I love.  I'm a huge fan of music and whenever I listen to songs I like, I always get uplifted.  I can feel myself become more energetic and awake and I'll even sometimes dance or sing along to the lyrics, which just puts me in an even better mood.

I also like to listen to positive affirmations.  Hearing and repeating back the affirmations puts me in the same thought pattern as the words in the video, which are always very positive and empowering.  

Being grateful is another great way to feel better and stir up positive emotions.  This is a known tactic of using the law of attraction and the receiving and abundant mood it puts us in is a good place to be.

Lastly, I just go out and do things that I find fun!  Sometimes it's to go to the beach, or go skate, or just hang out and joke around with my friends.  Do whatever it is you find to be fun to get yourself feeling good!

How to Know if We're Improving Our Mood?

When we lift our moods, it feels like energy has coursed through our bodies and we're more awake.  It makes us smile and even laugh.  It feels warm and like we're in a good place.  When we learn to do this, we will start to notice the changes in our lives.  Better things will happen to us.  We give off the vibe of a raised energy and that is exactly what gets returned to us.  It's as simple as that!

What if Something Bad Happens?

There are going to be times where something happens that doesn't make us happy.  For example, deaths of friends, family and pets.  Death is inevitable and it's going to happen to all of us, and when it happens to someone we know, it's hard to stay so positive.  So what do we do in this situation? 

We should allow our emotions and feelings to be expressed fully.  If this makes you sad, allow yourself to feel sad.  It is important for us to let our emotions be expressed.  This does not mean start being negative.  Without sadness, happiness wouldn't feel so sweet.  It's important to have both sides of the spectrum to understand the full effects of emotion.  What we can do though, is try to focus on the positive.  When someone passes away, we can celebrate the life that they lived and reminisce all the good times we have had with that person.  Although we may be sad, we can still feel happy for all the times that have been had.   

In Conclusion

We can always find something to be happy about, feel excited about or express love towards.  We should focus on these emotions being our dominant emotions.  When we can do this, the results we will see in life will be significantly greater.  The emotion and feeling we give out is the emotion and feeling we will receive back!  Always be in a good mood!  

Your Tasks:

  • Do things to raise your vibration until you feel yourself happier and more energized.

  • Give off love and happiness!

  • Have fun and enjoy life!

  • Work towards your dreams and goals!

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