Law of Attraction Challenge Day 20

Reviewing What We Learned So Far

Wow I can't believe it's been 20 days of the Law of Attraction Challenge!  My life is much different than when we began this and I'm excited to see where it goes next!  Today is a review of all we have learned between Day 11 and now.  

We furthered our knowledge of affirmations, which are phrases used to affirm a new belief in yourself.  Affirmations are meant to be repeated many times with the feeling of them being true.  We have learned that affirmations are recommended by almost all personal development coaches because of the successful results they often bring.  We can use affirmations for anything in our lives, but our purpose right now is to focus on the law of attraction.  Here's a few affirmations we can use:

"The law of attraction works for others and it is working for me, too."

"I am very thankful for everything I have and continue to receive."

"Good things happen to me, because I know they will."

"I am successful."

"I am happy and healthy."

Make up your own if you'd like.  I feel affirmations work better if I make mine up myself.  I feel it more as my own.

We also took a look into binaural beats and learned quite a bit about them.  Binaural beats are sound frequencies vibrating at different Hz used to put our minds into an alpha state.  We learned the importance of this alpha state and how we could use it to focus success with the law of attraction.  This is a great tool to use!

Binaural beats bring us to the alpha state of mind, but what do we do when we're there.  We focus on our intent.  The law of attraction is nothing without our intent.  We have to come from a deep place of emotion and focus our intent on what will be manifested.  This is essential to our success.

We want our success to be fun, right?  That's why we were introduced to the game "Follow the Rabbit".  We learned how to play and how to spot the rabbit while using the law of attraction.  This fun game gives us a sense of achievement while we are manifesting our lives and helps us realize moments where we can be thankful.  If you missed this day, I highly recommend going back and playing "Follow the Rabbit"!

We then took a look into the world of meditation.  We learned about some of the amazing benefits of meditation and how we can use meditation to not only help us with the law of attraction, but change our lives a considerable amount for the better.

With meditation we go deep within, but that isn't all there is to life, so we learn about how we can connect to the universe as well.  Day 16 helped us to realize how connected we all really are and how this can help us with the law of attraction.  Check out the video and finally feel connected to all that is around us.

We really have a lot that is around us and a lot to be grateful for.  During these days, we took a deeper look at gratitude and all we have to be grateful for.  This felt great and thinking about everything we're thankful for helps raise our vibrations and lifts our moods.

Speaking of gratitude, remember in the movie The Secret where the guy finds a gratitude rock to help him remember to be grateful?  This is a great and fun way to make it a habit of ours to be grateful.  We learned how using items like this and others can help us to set reminders and make new awesome habits.

Since we have been loving these fun activities to help us acquire our manifestations, we learned about vision boards.  Vision boards are boards we make full of images or phrases to depict what we want to manifest.  Vision boards have been used for a long time with success (my grandmother used to have vision boards) and are fun to make and see.

That is a lot of information that we got through those past 10 days!  And that is on top of the first 10 days of this challenge, where we learned all about the basics of law of attraction!  We only have 10 more days to go and I still have plenty of knowledge to share with you all!  I hope you're as excited as I am!  Tomorrow we begin the final stretch!

Your Tasks:

  • Be grateful for what you have and what you receive

  • Do things you enjoy!  Life is fun!

  • Play "Follow the Rabbit"

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