Law of Attraction Challenge Day 19

Vision Boards

If we go all the way back to Day 1 of the Law of Attraction 30 Day Challenge, there was a video posted by a woman who created a vision board to manifest her desires.  She put on her board a picture of Oprah, in hopes to somehow meet her and talk with her on her show.  This became her reality.  She also put an image of a magazine cover she wanted to be on.  She ended up getting a two page article written about her, which wasn't on the cover like she wanted, but she was still ecstatic and months later, she got a call from another magazine which put her face on the cover!  She also reached a million dollars with her company, which was on her vision board.  When she got engaged, the ring that was bought for her was identical to the one that was on her vision board.  Refer back to Day 1 to rewatch this amazing success story.

The concept of vision boards have been around long before being popularized by The Secret.  My mom used to have vision boards of her own, which was passed down to her from my grandmother. On my mothers board, there is a picture of a house that she wanted to live in that she drew herself.  Her and my father now live in a house that is identical to the layout that was on her board!  How amazing?!

What Exactly is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a visual creation made by yourself with images, phrases and words used to depict the things you want to have in life.  People use vision boards to help them visualize and put intent towards their dreams and goals.  It can have anything you want on it and is a widely-used tool in the law of attraction process.

Making Your Own Vision Board

Making a vision board of your own is a fun and easy task.  If you're the crafty type, a popular method is to get a piece of poster board and fill it with pictures of your dreams and goals.  You can sort through magazines and cut out images that display the things you want to obtain.  You can also go online and search images to print out and paste to your vision board.  When you have finished your board, hang it up somewhere you will see it often.  Could be in your house or at your office or anywhere else.  

Alternatively, you can always make a vision board online.  Use any program that allows you to place images onto a canvas.  If you're using a Windows computer, you can use MS Paint.  The MacBook version of this is called Paintbrush.  Programs like Adobe Photoshop, Gimp and other photo-editing tools may also be used and are universal no matter which operating system you use.  

When you have created your vision board, make it your desktop background.  That way you see it every time you are viewing your desktop on your computer.  You can also make it your phone wallpaper if you'd like.

Using Your Vision Board

During the process of creating your vision board, remember to really focus your intent on making the vision board becoming your reality. Know that each and every image you place on that board will become yours in your physical reality and life.  This intention is powerful.

Once the board is posted up somewhere, feel good every time you see it.  Look at your board as a group of dreams and goal that you have accomplished.  Feel yourself as the person who already has all of these things and feel good about it.  Be thankful for having them and know that they are absolutely going to be yours.  You will feel your vibration raise when you feel good viewing your board.

If your board doesn't manifest within the first week, don't stress it.  You're on your way to all of your dreams and goals.  They will come, you just have to stay positive and keep taking actions that will bring you closer to your manifestations.  Vision boards have been very successful for many people and they will be successful for you, too!

Your Tasks:

  • Create a vision board, either on a poster or on your computer.

  • Place it somewhere you will see it fairly often.

  • Know that you are on your way to receiving everything on your board!

  • Have fun and enjoy life!

  • Work towards your dreams and goals!

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