Law of Attraction Challenge Day 18

Using Items

In the movie The Secret, there's a story in there about a man who decides to carry around a rock to remind himself to be grateful when things weren't going too well in his life.  Here's the clip if you haven't watched it:

This idea of the gratitude rock helped Lee Brower to stay positive and grateful when life wasn't going particularly well for him, and the man from South Africa used the concept to bring healing and prosperity to his son while he was sick.

This is a wonderful way to keep yourself on track with the law of attraction and feeling grateful.  And it can be any item you wish!  It doesn't have to be a rock.

The purpose of the item is to have it on you throughout your day, so when you feel it or remember it, you're reminded to feel grateful.  This keeps us in that attitude of gratitude and feeling good with what we have and where we are.  This also raises our vibration and helps us feel more energized and happier, as well as aligning us with the manifestation we are bringing towards us.  

So how do we find and use these items?

The item that you choose to use can be literally anything you want.  In the film, the item was a rock that Brower had found.  If you'd like, you can go out and find anything that gives some significance to you.  Alternatively, we can use an item that has been previously intended by someone with more experience in the fields of law of attraction and energy.  These items hold more power because more energy has been put into the item with the intention of bringing fortune, success, health, happiness or anything else.  

When we have acquired the item we wish to use, we have to declare our intention for what purpose it will serve.  In this case, we are using it as a reminder to be grateful and to be successful with the law of attraction.  Keep your item somewhere that you'll notice it fairly often.  In the example used in the film, the rock was kept in Brower's pocket throughout his day.  Other options could be on a necklace, bracelet or other piece of jewelry, hanging from your rearview mirror, or hanging on your doorknob to give a few examples.  The point is to place it somewhere that will be noticed often.  

Every time you notice your gratitude item, think of all the things you are grateful for having.  Eventually, you'll be able to look at your gratitude item and instantly feel your mood be uplifted and your vibration raise because you will be naturally associating it with gratitude.  This is a wonderful method to keep yourself in an attitude of gratitude and feeling good!  Have fun with it!

Your Tasks:

  • Find or purchase something to use as your gratitude item.

  • Keep it somewhere you will notice it often.  Be grateful when you notice it.

  • Continue to have fun and enjoy life!

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