Law of Attraction Challenge Day 16

Connect with the Universe

Welcome to Day 16 of the Law of Attraction Challenge!  So far, we have been focusing mainly on ourselves for this challenge, but today will be different.  There is a huge source of energy that we seem to take for granted, which we call the universe.  Today is about connecting to the universe. 

The universe is everything around us, but it also includes us.  The universe is considered to be everything that exists as a whole.  This includes everything on earth like the insects, animals, plants, soil, rocks, water, air, the clouds in the sky, the o-zone layer, outer space, the stars and everything that could possibly be on them, and infinitely onward.

We often go big when we think of the universe.  We get lost thinking about the cosmos and infinite stars and space, but what is it that it all has in common?  It's all made up of tiny little particles.  

We spend so much time imagining universe as this huge thing that we forget to realize how small everything that makes up the universe is.  And more importantly, what it is.  Lets use the example of humans.  We are an organism with organs inside us, which are made up of tissues, which are made up of cells, which are made up of molecules, which are made up of atoms.  Then we have subatomic particles which are even smaller and it goes on and on!   

When we get to that level, we realize it is all just energy.  Infinite energy that makes up everything in the universe.  Everything we see around us is just a bunch of energy bouncing around like crazy to make our reality.  We're all made up of a bunch of energy and the ground below us is broken down into a bunch of small particles of energy, and the air around us is made up of energy, and all of space is made up of energy.  This energy is the universe.  We are all a part of this energy.  We are all connected to everything.  We are all one thing.  

Do you feel the connection?  We are all made up of energy and there is energy all around us.  When I came to this realization, it was a very spiritual feeling to me.  I felt like something clicked and things made a bit more sense to me.  I feel a stronger connection to the world around me.  Do you?  It makes me more appreciative of the design of the world.  We are all connected to the universe.  We are a part of the universe.

Connecting with the world around us is good for our souls.  It feels better to be connected.  It feels right.  Connecting with the universe raises our vibrations and makes us feel more whole and complete.  Not only does it raise our vibration, but it also gives us the realization that we are all just energy and everything around us in energy.

If we can focus law of attraction to a subatomic level, we can literally change what we perceive as reality.  This is all just energy around us.  The law of attraction states that the thoughts, feelings and vibrations we give off affect our reality.  That makes more sense knowing that everything is just energy and essentially, we are putting out energy with our thoughts, feelings and intentions.  We are One and we can use this knowledge to assist us with the law of attraction from a quantum level.

Your Tasks:

  • Feel Connected!

  • Do things that you enjoy!

  • Be grateful for all you have.

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