Law of Attraction Challenge Day 13


Welcome to Day 13 of the Law of Attraction 30 Day Challenge.  Yesterday was a very informational day about the power of binaural beats.  When we listen to binaural beats at an alpha frequency, we are at a prime mental state for focus.  We can use this state of focus to really put out our intent strongly.   

As you know, intent is a very important part of the formula to being successful with the law of attraction.  Whatever we want to manifest has to be backed up with the power of intent.  It is our intent that the world will work in your favor that allows it to happen.  We need to have a strong belief of our manifestation being our reality.

Whether it be guided by binaural beats, or just the calm quietness of a secluded area, we need to get ourselves in a state of mind that feels like we're slightly shifted from reality.  This is just a deep relaxed feeling, where we seem to forget about the world and are focused just on what's going on with us.  When we get into this state, we have to focus on really feeling our manifestation.  If you want money, really feel yourself as someone with a lot of money.  Visualize yourself as a magnet for money.  Money is flowing effortlessly to you.  This goes the same if you're looking for new relationships, a new car, new house or anything else.  Really imagine yourself as owning these manifestations.

Once you have really felt yourself as the person who has your manifestation and have built up your energy, release your intent.  Send it out to the universe and be 100% that you are now the person you imagined.  That was your intent that you released and now so it shall be.  

When setting your intention, make sure to be in the present tense.  What I mean by that is instead of thinking, "My car is going to get fixed."  intend that "My car is fixed and running smoothly!"  You have to intend that your life already is how you want it to be.  

Using this mental focus while deep in relaxation or meditation and staying present is key to success with the law of attraction.  We are all very powerful beings and releasing this energy is what brings so many people amazing results.

Your Tasks:

  • Get yourself in a nice quiet secluded area.

  • Listen to alpha wave binaural beats if you'd like.  They do help.

  • Focus your intention in the present tense.

  • When you feel that energy built up, release it and know it is now your reality.

  • Stay consistent and you're guaranteed results!

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