Law of Attraction Challenge Day 10

Welcome to Day 10 of the Law of Attraction 30 Day Challenge!  I can't believe we're already a third of the way through our month of focusing on the law of attraction!  So far, I've heard great success stories and have had great success myself!  We have learned a lot in these past ten days and today is dedicated to being a refresher of our new habits.

Focusing Our Belief

If you can recall, Day 1 covered the importance of our belief in the law of attraction.  If we aren't 100% positive that it will work, then you might not get the results you're hoping for.  Honestly, you probably still will get results because the law of attraction is always working, you just probably will blow it off as coincidence and won't be improving your success with intentional manifesting.  

The way you think plays a huge role on how your life turns out.  If you are constantly thinking about negative things, then you're going to find yourself in negative situations.  On the other hand, if you are a very positive person, life will seem to be working in your favor.  I have been guilty of thinking on both sides of the spectrum, and I know from personal experience that the way you think has a huge affect on your day to day life. 

Be 100% positive that the law of attraction is working for you.  Just know it is.  I'm sure you have pretty much dialed this in by now, being we're on day 10, but just reassure yourself.

"What we think about, we bring about."

Being Grateful

If we want the law of attraction to bring us better things, new opportunities, more money, new relationships, or anything else, then we have to be grateful for what we already have!  Being grateful is awesome because it shows you all the things you already have to be happy about!  Every time I make a list of the things I'm grateful for, I come out of it feeling reenergized and much happier.  There is so much in our lives that we can be thankful for, and realizing this brings happiness and joy.   Plus, if we are thankful for what we already have, the source sees this and rewards us with more of what we like.  If we put out thankful thoughts and feelings, we will receive more to be thankful for!

Don't forget to be thankful in the moment as well.  What I mean by that is to give thanks every time something good happens to you throughout your day.  Be thankful for the positive experience, especially if it is in alignment with what you're trying to manifest.  So if you want more money and you receive $5 today, be thankful that you received that!  Let the universe know that you appreciate receiving.

Stay Uplifted

Remember to stay happy and do things you enjoy doing!  You want to raise your energy and feeling to the same level as you would feel as if you already had your manifestation.  Do things that you enjoy doing!  Life is meant to be fun, so go out and play!  If you want some ideas of things you can do, here's a list to help you raise your vibration.  If we want to be a million dollar earner, we have to feel like a million dollar earner.  Do the things you love to do!  


Take some time out of your day to sit or lay down, relax, close your eyes and visualize yourself with your manifestation.  Visualize yourself as already having whatever it is you want.  If you are manifesting a new car, visualize yourself grabbing the keys to your new car and walking out to open the door and stepping in your new car.  Visualize the way the car looks, what year and model it is, the exterior color, the interior color, what it would look like with your hands holding the steering wheel looking out the windshield.  Visualize the new car smell and the sound of the engine starting.  Be creative and have fun with it.  Maybe turn on the radio and hear your favorite song playing.  Just use your imagination to create a scenario of you in your new car.  Most importantly, visualize how amazing you feel driving your new car!  Feel that excitement!  This is your new car!  Be happy!  This feeling of happiness is very important!  You should feel excited and like you have more energy.  It feels like we're vibrating faster!  This is what we mean by "raising your vibration".  

Take Action

We have to be taking action towards our manifestation!  Think of it like this, we are over here at point "A" and our manifestation is at Point "C".  Point "B" is the spot where we meet in the middle and have our manifestation.  We have to be taking action that would get us closer and closer to Point "C", and eventually, we hit Point "B" and so does our manifestation.  We just have to take action towards it and the manifestation will also come towards us.  We will have inspired thoughts of things that can bring us closer to our goal.  Make sure to be acting upon them!  You will soon notice more things happening in life that seem to be in the right direction towards your manifestation.  You may meet someone who can help you, or maybe get a phone call or email, or maybe a friend or family member says something to you that just clicks with where you want to be. Take action and you're guaranteed to get there!

Be Consistent

If you haven't received your manifestation in a week of focusing on it, don't give up.  Sometimes it may take a year of feeling good, visualizing and taking action to reach that spot where the universe is able to present you with your manifestation.  Don't give up and don't stress or worry.  It is on its way!  By the end of this month, we will all have wonderful law of attraction habits that will be normal to us.  Keep up with this 30 Day Challenge and it will become natural and easy to you to be grateful and happy and noticing more and more success with the law of attraction!  Our lives will never be the same!

Your Tasks:

  • Reaffirm your belief in the law of attraction.  "The law of attraction works.  It works for others and it is working for me." 

  • Do things that you enjoy! Keep your vibration raised!

  • Write down the things you are grateful for from your day.

  • Find time to close your eyes and visualize!  See yourself with your manifestation and pretend like you already have it!

  • Remember to take inspired action!  If you have a goal, do things that take you step by step closer and the opportunities and manifestations will arise!

  • Let it go!  Release that energy.  It is yours now.  Don't worry about it, just live your amazing life!

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