Law of Attraction Challenge Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of the Law of Attraction challenge.  The purpose of this challenge is to have a fun and easy way of learning how to use the law of attraction and spread awareness of the law of attraction to the public!  We're going to do a challenge for 30 days to help teach and fine tune the law of attraction.  When these next 30 days are over, you will have a very good understanding of the law of attraction and should already be seeing success.  

Today We Create Belief and Awareness

If you're new to the idea of law of attraction, it may seem like the concept of it is a bit farfetched.  Day 1 is to help you confirm your belief with real testimonials from people who use the law of attraction and their success with it.

The woman in this video tells us how she used the law of attraction every day for 7 months and how it turned her from someone making $25,000 a year to being in the top 1% of the world's income earners.  

Wild, right!? Check this one out.

She used the vision board method to help her visualize exactly what she wanted.  Vision boards are a great tool to help manifest exactly what you want.  Here's a woman who went to a law of attraction event and decided she would turn her life around by the next event in three months.  She ended up being a speaker at the event to tell her story.

Alright, so you see how these people used law of attraction and vision boards to manifest exactly what they wanted.  They overcame their doubt of if it actually works and they knew it works, and of course it did.

This is a true story submitted by Barbara Wilson:

I told this story very briefly on one of the calls, but would like to tell 
it again here.  On one of the calls, Michael told us about winning the 
BMW and all the mental effort he put into winning it.  He told about 
Linda getting a BMW key chain for the new set of keys that they would 
get with the car. He also said something to the effect that if you are not 
specific, how will the universe know what you want.  

Our vehicle was giving us problems so my husband and I were talking 
about getting another one.  I did not even know what kind of vehicle 
I wanted to drive, so I decided to find out.  I did like was mentioned 
on some of the calls.  I went to the car dealership and started looking. 
I started at the top and looked at Cadillac Escalades. I didn’t like them.  
I looked at GMC Yukons. I didn’t like them either.  I looked at Dodge
mini-vans. I liked them better than the first two.  I looked at double cab 
pickups. Yep, I liked them but we already have one of those.  I saw a 
full sized custom van on the lot and went to look at it.  As soon as I 
opened the door, I knew that this was the vehicle that I wanted.

It was a GMC Savanna, black with tan interior, leather seats and tinted 
windows.  Beautiful and roomy. Just what I wanted so we could make 
trips with our children and grandchildren.  I didn’t drive it that day but 
later I went back, looked at it again and drove it.  I also took pictures 
of it and put it on my dream board.  I really didn’t like the leather seats 
and I sure didn’t like the tinted windows.  I have trouble seeing through 
them and knew that on trips I would be sitting back there, frustrated 
because I couldn’t see like I wanted to.

I went ahead and found a beautiful black and gold key chain that I started 
carrying.  The van was truly, way out of our financial reach at this point 
in our lives but I knew that “With God all things are possible”  One stipulation
for a different vehicle when my husband and I would talk was , ”I don’t want 
payments.”  I remember asking Michael one night on one of the calls, 
something about “we don’t even have to wonder how it will happen?” 
He said, “No.” 

Several of our vehicles were totaled out in a hail storm back in May of this 
year, my minivan included.  We bought the minivan back from the insurance 
company, and laid the check that the insurance company sent us, on the 
dresser, unsure of really what to do.  

My daughter who lives four hours away, knew we were looking for a full size 
van and saw one. She sent us the number and a few pictures.  It was white 
and ok.  My husband tried to call the guy but could not get an answer. He 
got impatient because the guy wouldn’t answer and called my daughters 
pastor.  He said, “No, I don’t know who that person is but there is a brother 
in our church that has a van for sale.”

My husband asked me if I wanted to go with him to look at the vans.  I 
could not go because we were getting ready for VBS at our church.  
He rode up there with one of our sons and told me that he was going to 
drive one of those vans home.  

He sent me pictures as soon as he closed the deal.  It was a black GMC 
Savanna with a tan interior. Beautiful and roomy. But no leather seats or 
tinted windows.  And I do not have any payments. I love my van! I haven’t 
been this excited about a vehicle in I don’t even remember when.

Thoughts truly are things! I’ll close this extra-long lesson with this quote 
from Hill, “The chapter on the sixth sense was included, because the book 
is designed for the purpose of presenting a complete philosophy by which 
individuals may unerringly guide themselves in attaining whatever they ask of life.”  
And then this one from the Bible, “Ask and it shall be given unto you; seek, and 
ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” Matthew 7:7

I personally have also had success with the law of attraction.  Check out the pages Law of Attraction and More Success with Law of Attraction to read up on some of the things I have manifested in my life.  Of course, these are only a few examples and I have manifested quite a lot more.  

If you've had success with the law of attraction in your life, write it in a comment below!  Help show the people who are new to law of attraction that it's real and that they can do it too!  I'm really excited to read all of your amazing success stories!  I'm even more excited to read the ones at the end of this 30 day challenge!!

Your Tasks for Day 1:

  • Make sure you have Liked the Facebook Page and the Google+ Page.  This is the only way we are giving access to the daily challenge page.  You will be notified and will receive a link once a day for the next 30 days to access that day's page.

  • Share this page on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr or any other social media platform.  Help to spread the awareness of the law of attraction.  These interesting success stories are sure to inspire others! 

  • Affirm your belief in the law of attraction.  Repeat this phrase as many times as you want "The law of attraction is real.  It works for others and can work for me."  The more you repeat this affirmation, the more your subconscious will take it as truth.  You can learn more on affirmations here.

I hope you're as excited for Day 2 as I am!  Now that we have been introduced to the law of attraction and how it has worked for others, we will be diving right into applying it to our lives!  Tomorrow is going to be a big step, so affirm your beliefs today and get ready to start making the law of attraction work for you!

Proceed to Day 2...

Have you had success with the law of attraction? Click below to share your success story or read, comment and vote on success stories other visitors have already shared!

Law of Attraction Success Stories

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