Kalmese Wellness Foundation Explains Proven Method to Success with Law of Attraction

Written by: Michael Archie

My name is Michael Archie. My business partner and I Krishnan Calmese are apart of the Kalmese Wellness Foundation and we are focused on a new day which includes a world full of healthy people. It is our vision to see a world where all children have more than enough to eat. We want to see a world where all children are waking up in their houses bright eyed and bushy tailed. We would like to see a world where families are waking up joyously understanding that the world is abundant with resources. Our vision is derived from our absolute knowing of the well being of this planet. Our knowing of the fruition of our vision lays in our understanding of the law of attraction. We believe that whatever that we think creates a vibration. This vibration then produces a feeling. We believe that this feeling is a signal which calls the universal forces into play. When the universal forces receives this feeling we believe that this signal literally becomes a living thing.

We have come to know through our life experience that thoughts become things. With this knowledge we feel empowered to uplift those with whom are attracted to us. We have a global initiative to teach this awareness of the Law of Attraction that we have. We live in a world that is full of infinite potential, infinite thought, and infinite energy. In order to access this infinite material all that is required is the mind. It is through this vehicle that we seek to educate. With the mental techniques of harnessing this powerful energy we believe that it is possible for the world to come into harmony on every level of existence. We are working with infinite intelligence and infinite power. These powers have been demonstrated by many greats who have lived in our history. Jesus through his power to heal and to resurrect the dead demonstrated this ability to tune into a infinite energy and display these powers. Others such as Albert Einstein showed this ability to be able to see out into the fullness of the universe and understand the infinite intelligence of our cosmos. While some call this miracles, others call it magic, many call it luck, we call it focus. More so we believe that we all have this inherent ability to focus in the direction of what we are wanting and to call it forth into existence.

As Kris and I focused on our vision we each have cultivated unique talents which have personally appealed to us to be beneficial along our journey. We believe that Wellness is an exceptional route for us to reach billions of people. The way that a person feels physically from our experience is usually the first thing that they use as the basis of the thoughts that they are thinking. In other words if a person feels good then they usually are more apt to have good feeling thoughts. While it is not necessary to feel good to reach for good feeling thoughts it sure does help. So it has become our passion to teach people mental techniques and exercises to think better thoughts. This evolutionary process can not only enable one's self to feel better and accomplish anything that they desire, but this is also empowers us to positively effect any place or situation in our world just with thought. It is our belief that thought is the most powerful force in the world.

Some of the techniques that we will talk about in this article are Waking Up and Direct Your Day and Meditation. Waking Up and Directing Your Day (W.U.D.Y.D.) is a method of starting your day off on the right foot. Many people have found that if they can wake up and feel good that usually their day will be one of mostly good experiences. This is because the powerful Law of Attraction is always responding to how we feel. Unfortunately we can't guarantee that we always will wake up on the right side of the bed and feel like an eager child on Christmas morning. Although, we can prepare our mind the night before we go to bed to think clear thoughts when we wake up. Upon awakening we can also deliberately choose those thoughts that feel the best to us. This is an easy and fun way to set our vibration (the frequency of the thoughts that we are thinking) for our day.

When we intentionally set our frequency for the day we will notice a significant improvement in the way that we feel and what experiences that we attract to us in our day. The Law of Attraction always responds to how we feel, so if we can catch ourselves first thing in the morning before we think any thoughts which may throw us off track then we are a lot more likely to have a day with good feeling experiences. I have used this particular mental exercise for 4 months and I have noticed significant improvements in the way that I feel and the experiences that I have attracted in my life. When people ask me how I am doing it is always great, or excellent, or the best ever. This is purely from focusing on things that feel good to me first thing in the morning.

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