How to Lucid Dream

Lucid dreaming is really cool to do.  If you're not totally sure what lucid dreaming is, it's when you are asleep and in a dream, but you know you're dreaming!  You can make anything at all happen, including making yourself fly.  Lucid dreaming usually happens midway through a dream with a sudden realization that you're actually in a dream, but it's possible to slip directly into a lucid state.

If you want to intentionally lucid dream, you're going to have to focus on the idea of it.  This shouldn't be too hard, since you've already built curiosity about it, otherwise you wouldn't be on this page.  Think about it as much as you can throughout the day and absolutely be focused on it as you fall asleep at night.  Try to find something to use as a reminder to do a reality check, like every time you look at your hands, do a reality check.  You want to build a habit so you end up doing it while in a dream, causing you to realize that things aren't exactly right and you really are in a dream.  As you are laying in bed about to fall asleep, make sure lucid dreaming is what you're mainly thinking about.  Tell yourself that you are going to lucid dream when you fall asleep.  You want your brain to be focused on the idea of questioning reality while you're asleep.  

Meditating on lucid dreaming is a much more effective way than simply thinking about lucid dreaming before you fall asleep.  If you don't know how to meditate, read the page on Beginner Meditation to learn how, fast.  Meditate on lucid dreaming right before you fall asleep, so you do fall asleep while being in the meditative state.  It will help you ease into the dreaming process so you'll be able to focus on lucid dreaming when you're a lot closer to actually being asleep.  Listening to a lucid dream guided meditation is a great way to meditate on lucid dreaming before bed.

I've had success lucid dreaming by listening to binaural beats made specifically to help you induce a lucid state while you dream.  Binaural beats are produced by playing two separate beats at different frequencies into your ears.  Your brain takes in both frequencies and you hear a blend of both frequencies, resulting in the binaural beat.  In example, let's say one ear is hearing a tone at 300 Hz and the other ear is hearing a tone at 310 Hz, causing a difference tone of 10 Hz, which is the binaural beat.  Binaural beats have become more popular since their discovery in 1839 based on claims that binaural beats can help induce relaxation, meditation and a wide range of mental states and feelings.  You can find tons for free on YouTube or purchase them from binaural beat sites.     

If you've given these all a shot and still haven't had success, writing down your dreams is possibly the most effective way to start lucid dreaming.  It probably should have been the first tip I mentioned to start lucid dreaming, but writing down your dreams every morning is a bit of extra work and if you can get yourself into a lucid state without it, then great.  Writing down your dreams as soon as you wake up has other benefits, such as helping you to remember your dreams, and helping you see the message of the dream you had.  Get a notebook, or simply a piece of paper and a pen and put them right next to your bed.  You want to write down absolutely everything you remember as soon as you wake up.  After a while, you will realize that many of your dreams have recurring patterns or items that you can use as triggers.  Once you notice one of your triggers happening in a dream, you will realize you're dreaming and will be able to control your dream.

The possibilities are literally endless.  If you're like me, and many other lucid dreamers, you're going to start off attempting to fly.  It's a little strange and even though you know you're in a dream, you may still have a little doubt and it might take a few moments to actually take off, but you will be able to do it and it feels awesome.  You can also bring anything at all into your dream just by imagining it.  I have not yet tried this, but I've heard stories about people closing their eyes in their dreams to "teleport" to a different scenery.  If you don't succeed the first couple of days, don't give up!  You will get it soon and will realize that it's not as hard as it seems.  Have fun!

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