How to Build a Website

Since went live, I have received a bunch of questions on how I did it and how I'm making money with it.  I decided that instead of repeating myself over and over, it would just be best to make a page explaining how to build a website.

First off, let me explain a bit about my background.  I had an interest with computers since I was young and coming out of high school, I thought computers were the way to go since the market is world-wide!  Think about it..  You can have a business at the heart of Time Square in NYC and not be able to reach as many people as you can online.  The internet is huge!  Besides areas of poverty and third-world countries, almost everyone has some sort of access to a computer, whether it be one that they own, or one that they use at the local library.  The amount of people you can reach through the internet is insanely huge!  And all from the comfort of your own home.

People often ask about the education I received to gain knowledge of skills like web building.  I always find it humorous to tell them I didn't even complete one semester of college before dropping out.  I was majoring in computer science, programming specifically.  I paid an outrageous price for my classes and another $500 on the books for them, just so I could get to a class with a professor who didn't do much more than tell us to read our books and take the online test after each chapter. I started to dread going to class and realized programming was not for me.  I skipped all of my finals, even the classes I was passing, and didn't sign back up.

I knew the internet was something I wanted to utilize to start my business, but I just wasn't too sure on how to go about it.  I had a little experience with html from adjusting my MySpace page back in middle school, and whatever I learned from an intro course I took in high school, which ended up teaching me more than the intro class I was forced to take at college.  That really wasn't enough to set up a full-blown website, though.


I had thoughts about what I would like to make a site about, but still minimal knowledge of how to make a site around it, so I tried my luck blogging on tumblr.  This was fun for a few months, but I soon realized the earning potential was very limited.  I focused on finding something that would be better and came across a site that looked really nice and was very popular and found out they were using SBI! They were more than happy to tell me about their success with it and referred me to this page:

Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life!

When I saw what they were offering, I felt like I found gold!  SBI! is designed to take you step by step through the process of getting a website of your own live.  Not just that, they also teach you how to build a successful business and how to rank well on search engines like google, yahoo and bing.  

They give you a simple 10 Day plan to follow to get your website up and running in the right direction!  All of the material is in video form, so you just have to sit back, relax and watch the animations explain exactly how many others have used this same method to become financially independent and making more money than they can spend with their websites.  

Here's proof from other website owners using SBI!

SBI then gives you a platform called SiteBuilder which has a menu on the side of what you would like to add to your site (text, images, video, a headline), and all you have to do is drag the box and drop it where you want it.  I'm using this platform to type this right now.  It's very very simple!

The best part about using SBI?  It's FREE to try for up to three months!  They seriously give you all the tools and training videos FOR FREE and let you play around for three full months!  If you for some reason don't like the ease and success SBI will bring you, you can delete your account and won't be charged a dime.  SBI has made it very easy for me to build this website and I highly recommend it to anyone thinking about starting their own website or online business.  Check out this video to see a general view of what they offer, from what keywords will get you most traffic to how to make your page look clean and appealing:

If you're anything like me, you're skeptical about if this type of thing really works.  I did not make the decision of SBI immediately after coming across it.  I had to do my research.  I googled SBI and what they were all about.  I read tons of reviews and soon realized there are hundreds and hundreds of videos on YouTube of people testifying their success using SBI!  Check it out for yourself!  

Watch videos of people who use and love SBI!

I searched for a very long time and tried many different web building platforms and blogging sites, but none gave me as many tools and help as SBI!  I'm very happy I came across it and am proud to say I've followed my dream and built a website with the easy to follow videos and tools provided by SBI!

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