How to Breathe Properly


Breathe in through the nose and out through the nose.  Only time you should breathe through your mouth is when gasping for air.

Breathing is the main thing our body does naturally and instinctively, but it’s also a habit.  You can acquire good habits and bad habits, and the way you breathe can be either or.  Do you have a good breathing habit?

Having a bad breathing habit can help lead to asthma, pneumonia, hyperventilation, shock, pulmonary edema, as well as various anxiety disorders, panic attacks and stress!

The most common bad habit people pick up is shallow breathing, and almost everyone who has this habit don’t even realize they have it.  Shallow breathing means breathing with the least amount of air you need.  Often times, shallow-breathers will take their breath into the chest area, and not use the lower part of their lungs in the stomach area.  

To tell if this is you, place one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach and see which one rises higher.  If it’s your chest, you’re taking shallow breaths.

You want to be taking slow relaxed full breaths, inhaling through your nose and distributing it evenly through your stomach and chest.  It really isn’t as hard as it seems.  Just inhale into your stomach and then let your chest fill up after.  It will feel very refreshing.  

Now make it a habit!  At first, it will seem strange and you will have to try to breath properly.  This is just because you’re so used to breathing the wrong way.  Keep trying to focus on it as much as you can.  It will eventually become your new great habit!

A great way to remember is whenever you feel a bit stressed, control your breathing.  It’ll reduce your stress immensely and you’re working towards fixing your breath.  Two birds with one stone.

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