Heart Chakra Meditation

Heart Chakra MeditationHeart Chakra Meditation

The heart chakra is the fourth chakra and is located in the center of your chest.  Before we get into the heart chakra meditation, I want to give you a good understanding of what this chakra does.  If you already know about the heart chakra, jump down to the meditation.  If not, here we go.  

As you could’ve guessed, this chakra is associated with love.  You know the feeling you get when you feel love or compassion for someone or something and it feels warm in your chest?  That is your heart chakra at work!  There have been times where I felt I was not being very loving towards others and they were not very loving towards me and I focused on opening this chakra and saw results instantly!  I would focus on the energy going to my heart and afterwards, I’d feel much more light-hearted and loving towards others.  I also notice others being much friendlier and warm towards me directly after opening this chakra.  

This center directs one’s ability to love themselves, others, and to receive love.  The heart chakra brings a deep connection and compassion for other people, animals and the environment.  By learning to be compassionate and accepting of yourself, you balance the heart chakra.  Balanced heart energy enables you to wait patiently for the right relationship and to not be afraid of being alone.

A deficient heart chakra leads to being antisocial, withdrawn, shy, judgemental and brings about depression.  These people lack empathy and are afraid of intimacy and relationships.  You may feel lonely, unloved, afraid of rejection and afraid of being alone if this chakra is closed or blocked.  An excessive heart chakra may lead you to be manipulative and act overdramatically.  These people are demanding and get jealous easily.  They are known to be possessive.  

Ways to Open the Heart Chakra

To heal and open the heart chakra, work with reaching out to others and give more hugs.  This chakra is closely related with the color green so wearing green clothes and eating green foods will assist in opening this chakra.  Gemstones associated with the heart chakra are rose quartz, emerald, jade and malachite.  Going on a nature hike or planning a romantic date will help the energy flow to this chakra.  Surround yourself with green plants or start your own garden.  

Heart Chakra Meditation

If you don't already know how to meditate, learn this Beginner Meditation before trying to open this chakra.  Once you've gotten into that meditative state, focus on bringing energy up through your body hitting the root, sacral and solar plexus along the way.  With each inhale, this energy grows larger and courses in through your feet and up through your previous chakras.  Imagine a ball of green energy forming in your chest area.  The ball of energy will get larger and larger and spin in a clockwise direction with each deep inhale you take.  Focus on thoughts of love and compassion your yourself, as well as others.  When you feel the energy in your chest and feel that your heart chakra is open, you may move to the Throat Chakra.

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