The Guide to Full Confidence in any Aspect

Having confidence is one of the most essential staples needed to living a happy and fulfilling life. Living a life lacking confidence is undoubtedly going to hold you back from reaching your goals and dream life. When you lack confidence, you will miss many opportunities because you think you are unable to handle them or are not worthy of them. People lacking confidence are scared of these demanding situations. Your social life, love life, financial situation, excitement and happiness are all affected by whether you are a confident person or not. Life cannot be fulfilling if you lack this powerful trait. Luckily, we can improve this trait with the guide to full confidence and become the most confident person we know.

I used to not be a very confident person. I used to be scared to talk to my friends and would get nervous I would say something stupid. I would suck at job interviews because I didn't actually believe in myself and the person interviewing me could always tell how nervous I was. I missed a handful of jobs because of that. I used to be so scared to talk to girls and a lot of the time, I just wouldn't even do it because I didn't think they would like me anyway. I was a wreck when it came to confidence. I remember even in school having to stand in front of the class was the worst because I would shake and stutter the entire time. It was really bad!

Thankfully, things in my life are VERY different now! I have had a handful of jobs and have reached company records within them. I've formed my own brands and businesses successfully. I've done motivational seminars and speeches in front of audiences. I've DJ'd for crowds over 400 people. Talking to girls is chill and easy to me now and I have a gorgeous, amazing, supportive girlfriend to call mine. I've been interviewed on radio stations in majorly populated cities that I've yet to even travel to. I've moved across the country on whims because I was confident I would be alright, and I was. I've been an actor in a full length series. I have plenty of friends and have no trouble making new ones wherever I go. I've achieved my dream car. I'm fully confident in myself and know I can achieve anything I want. I'm not sharing all this to impress you, but you show you that I have come a long way in my journey of being confident, and I want the same success for you! 

So I've Made the Guide to Full Confidence that WORKS!

Be the Prize is the easy-to-read guide to full confidence in any aspect of your life. Composed with a straight forward and to the point layout, this guide will lead you through a mental, physical and even spiritual all around guide to becoming the most confident person you know. 

Learn the proper mindset and how to obtain it to set yourself up for success with confidence and anything else you wish to excel in during your life. You will be taught fun daily exercises to help transform you into the type of person who takes confident actions. You will find yourself speaking confidently and taking actions you never had the confidence to do before. 

Once this is mastered, the guide to full confidence will teach you the tricks of body language and self-appearance to portray confidence to those around you, even using well-kept secret techniques CEOs and politicians use to win the room and show they are confident in their choices and actions. You will then be guided through ancient practices used to open the flow of energy throughout your body, resulting in overall better well-being you can really feel!

This segment will help drastically with confidence in finance, security, sexuality, love, social situations, and even your connection to life and the path you choose to take. By opening this energy flow, you will be left relaxed, confident and walking with an attractive glow wherever you go. The guide ends with a brief overview of everything that you have learned.

What You'll Learn

1. Mindset

  • What is the proper mindset to have?
  • Affirmations designed to create a confident mindset.
  • How to become someone you really love to be.
  • Meditative techniques for confident thought training.

2. Proper Action

  • Stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • Overcoming any fears.
  • Grabbing a hold of your style.
  • Proper body language (Major keys in this section! Secrets kept by CEOs and politicians!)
  • The power of exercise for confidence

3. Spiritual Techniques

  • Learn the chakra system
  • Utilizing the solar plexus chakra for confidence
  • Utilizing chakras for sexuality and love
  • Utilizing chakras for financial confidence and security

4. Conclusion

  • Quick overview of all that was learned to MAXIMIZE the grasp of the knowledge given. You WILL become confident with this.


"Excellent read! It's very easy to identify with the obstacles TJ has encountered that over time can really get in the way of personal progress & success. It's an easy to read guide to self confidence & the personal skills necessary for creating & maintaining success in your everyday life."
- John Feehan

A great and easy read! Helpful, clear, and concise."
- Sam Wasserman

"I usually shun guides like these but this one really spoke to me. TJ knows what he's talking about and his tools definitely helped me. A must read!"
- Matt Kuhlen

"This guide really helped me out with a lot of confidence issues I've been having. it's well written but still easy to read. I also enjoyed how the author included his own personal stories, it helped make everything really relatable."
- Bruno

"Awesome read! Totally helped with my confidence levels and I'd recommend this to anyone looking to "step up your game"."
-Peter Bariexca

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