What are Good Vibes?

Having good vibes is going to help change your life from bad things happening to good things happening all the time. It's going to make you feel good and give you more energy.  Your interactions with friends, family and strangers will be way better.  Life just is better when you have good vibes.

The term good vibes means the vibrations you give out to the world and receive back.  Vibrations are all around us.  Sound, electricity, even color is determined by their vibration frequency.

So where am I going with this?  Well, scientist have been able to discover that when we have thoughts, they give off vibrations too.  They have even made games that use the power of our 

thoughts, if anyone was lucky enough to play with a Mind Flex, a game where you used your thoughts to move a ball around a little obstacle course.   

If you haven't yet realized, our thoughts are very important to what we give off into the world.  Have you ever met someone who is constantly thinking negatively?  They are always talking about how this went wrong or how horrible that is..  What seems to happen to these people?  Bad things happen to them ALL. THE. TIME!

Think about celebrities.  These are the people who talk MOST about success and wealth.  THEY know the trick!  It's all about your mindset and what you think about happening.

"I always had a passion for flashing before I had it
I close my eyes and imagine, the good life." - Kanye West 

Wake Up with Good Vibes

We want to have good vibes all day, every day.  The best way to start this off is getting on that vibe right when you wake up.  As soon as you're conscious, think that today is gonna be a good day.  Tell yourself that today is going to be awesome and everything is going to be all good.  This is gonna set your mood and the events for the rest of the day.  

Have you ever noticed that days you wake up in a bad mood, things seem to go wrong?  You step out of bed and stub your toe, or you get toothpaste on your shirt and then it seems to just be a downward spiral from there the rest of the day?  That's because that was the vibe you had waking up.  If you wake up with good vibes, things will be good.

Be Cool to People

Good vibes come to you when you put them out.  If you want people to be cool to you, then you better be cool to them.  We want the encounters we have with people throughout the day to constantly be awesome and beneficial to you.  The only thing you have to do is be awesome and beneficial to other people.  When you walk out of a store, hold the door for the next person.  Let someone into traffic.  Be nice to the cashier, get along with everyone.  You will notice that other people will start being much better to you.  Friends, family and even strangers will be awesome and hook you up when you're in need because you will do the same for them.  Make it pleasant for you to be around in public and you'll receive those good vibes back.  

You may encounter a few people who are going to be a-holes.  They might cut you off or say something rude to you.  Just be amused by them.  They are the people who "woke up on the wrong side of the bed".  They set a bad vibe for themselves.  They are going to go around being negative about everything and complain about everything they can and their lives are going to suck.  They just don't know any better.  They don't realize that they do it to themselves.  These people are spreading negativity to everything around them like a disease.  The best thing you can do when you run into someone like this is...  to be cool to them too.  Just cause they're rude doesn't mean you should be, too.  That's just making them feel like everyone else is rude, too.  Be cool to them and smile.  Tell them to enjoy the rest of their day.  Not only will it keep good vibes coming to you, it might really just change the rest of their day and make them feel better, too.     

Having good vibes is going to make your life way better.  Everyone is going to want to be your friend and they will treat you great.  Your day will be great and good people will come into your life.  You'll be way more at ease and if you haven't completely eliminated this already, life will be less stressful. Think good vibes, give good vibes, receive good vibes.  Simple as that.

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