How to Succeed
Highly suggest you read this first and apply it to every page you read after.

Develop Self Confidence
Teaches you how to have the confidence to do absolutely anything in your life.

Remove Everything You Don't Enjoy From Your Life
Life is about living a lifestyle that makes us happy. If there is something in your life that makes you unhappy, whether it be a relationship, a job, an activity you partake in, or anything else, it has to go! Learn how to switch your life around to one filled with only things you enjoy!

Overcoming Fear
Fear is an important part of life. It shows we've reached our limit. It means we are now at a spot that we've never been before and have the opportunity to overcome this fear and progress in life. Learn how to overcome any fear with this page. 

Affirmation Definition
What is the definition of an affirmation?  How do we apply them to our lives with success?  This page will tell you all you need to know!

Daily Positive Affirmations
It has been widely accepted by the personal development community that the way you think, as well as the way you speak has a huge influence on your life and how you live it.

The Benefits of Writing
The benefits of writing in a journal and the simple ways of doing it.  Includes some of my real journal entries.

The Key to Happiness
Everyone wants to be happy. Sadly, not everyone is. This will tell you how to be happy right this moment!

Living in the Now
Stepping out of your view of the past or future and focusing on whats happing now.

Remembering Dreams
The simple guide on how to remember your dreams.


Health & Fitness

How to Breathe Properly
Learn to feel much better by adjusting the way you breathe.  Instant gratification.

How to Build Muscle
The shortest essential guide with everything you need to know on how to build muscle properly and efficiently.


How to Whiten Your Teeth
The very effective method used to whiten your teeth from home.  No dentist, surgery or prescription needed.


World's Easiest & Most Effective Money Management System: The Jars!
Tori and I went to a 3 day seminar called Millionaire Mind Intensive and learned "the easiest and most effective money management system". The Jars!

How to Build a Website
This website was created with a program that includes not only a web builder, but also a video course teaching you EXACTLY how to build a successful website that ranks well on search engines. It got you here didn't it? Learn how you can have a successful online business too!

Why Jobs are Bad for Making Money
Jobs are a waste of your time and you should never get one.  Read the logical points why and learn how to make money without one.

Being Productive
How to start being productive and making it enjoyable to get things done.

How to Build Credit
Building credit may seem intimidating, but it really isn't as hard as it seems.  Learn all you need to know on how to build credit easily!

Mentored by a Millionaire
Follow along this short video series summarizing the lengthy cassette course 'Mentored by a Millionaire' by Steven K. Scott!


Good Vibes
Possibly the most important page you'll come across on the internet. Learn to have good vibes all day, every day. Have good encounters with people and have good events come naturally.

Fundamental Techniques in Handling People
An overview of the first part of the famous book How to Win Friends and Influence People.  Fundamental techniques in handling people.

Six Ways to Make People Like You
A quick overview of the second part of the famous book How to Win Friends and Influence People. The six principles to make people like you.

How Your Friends Affect You
How the people you hang out with affect the person you are.

Self Help for Social Anxiety
I used to suffer from social anxiety and now am entirely comfortable in almost any social situation.  This is how you can do it, too, by simple self help.  No medications needed!

How to Remember Names
Ever meet someone new, introduce yourself and soon after realize you can't remember their name?  Learn how to fix that problem and become a master of remembering names!  


Beginner Meditation
Meditation is extremely important!  You will get so much farther in life if you meditate.  It will teach you so much about yourself, as well as help you resolve all your problems and will reduce stress. Meditation is key!

Opening Your Chakras
What are your chakras and how can they help you?  Learn to actually feel them and open them to feel great.

How to Raise Your Vibration
Raising your vibration will help with happiness, health, energy, law of attraction and success.  Learn the enjoyable ways to increase your energy and raise your vibration.

What is Psychic Ability?
Many people ask, but few have openly answered. Learn what psychic ability is and even how to gain it right now!

How to Lucid Dream
Quick and straight forward guide on how to lucid dream. Yes, you can choose to fly.

Root Chakra Meditation
The root chakra is the first of our seven main chakras.  Want to feel safe, secure and be prosperous?  Open yours up with this awesome chakra meditation!

Sacral Chakra Meditation
The sacral chakra is our second chakra and regulates our creative, emotional and sexual center.  Learn this sacral chakra meditation to open yours now.

Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation
The solar plexus chakra regulates our confidence, personal power and that "gut feeling" we get when we are sure of something.  Learn this easy solar plexus chakra meditation to open yours!

Heart Chakra Meditation
The heart chakra is the love we feel.  It's that warm feeling we get in our chest when we love or appreciate.  Learn more about it and how to open it with this heart chakra meditation.

Throat Chakra Meditation
Our throat chakra regulates communication and expression.  It's that feeling we get in our throat when we speak in front of a crowd.  Open yours with this throat chakra meditation!

Third Eye Chakra Meditation
The third eye chakra regulates our psychic ability, intuition and spirit.  It is the most commonly searched chakra.  Learn how to open yours with this third eye chakra meditation!

Crown Chakra Meditation
The crown chakra is our seventh main chakra.  It strongly relates to spirituality and our connection to the universe.  Learn more about the crown chakra and how to open yours here!

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction
I have done tons of research on the law of attraction.  I have finally figured it out and am happy to share what I know with you.

More Success with the Law of Attraction
Law of Attraction is something I started taking advantage of in June 2012 and life hasn't been the same since!

Law of Attraction Success Stories
Law of attraction success stories submitted by real visitors! Have you had success with the law of attraction? Share your story here and be featured, or read and vote on other stories!

Law of Attraction 30 Day Challenge
The Law of Attraction 30 Day Challenge explains 30 different parts to having the law of attraction work for you. Each day comes with fun exercises and activities to complete for the day to get you on the right path to manifesting the life of your dreams!

Kalmese Wellness Foundation Law of Attraction Method
Kalmese Wellness Foundation explains a proven method to success with law of attraction.

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