Entrepreneur Journey Part 2 - "The Pink Hotel"

Busy day in action! Watch what happens when a client flakes and you end up at the pink hotel.

Hey what's going on everybody? So today is April 18th, and I am currently driving to drop off some water at the Port o Call Hotel in Ocean City. I was supposed to have a prospect, but for the third time they flaked and thats ok cause that's their loss. I think Julie and I might give him a three way call later on and see how that goes, but I don't care. We'll take it as it comes. Right now, I've got some water in the back. Gonna bring it over to this hotel. Gonna drop it off and then I'm going to head over to Julie's and pick up some electrolysis fluid. Maybe I'll bring it over to Christina, my down line. Sorry about the obnoxious GPS, but I'll use this trip as a tax write off. Alright I'll talk to you guys later.

Alright so here we are. Ok so, this is for a client named Joanna who I introduced to the water about a year ago. Something happened with her business partner and she also went to Puerto Rico for a little bit. So, it didn't work out back then but today I decided to shoot her a text. I haven't talked to her since like December. Just offered some water and she responded back. She was like "Yeah, I'd love some water! If you could, just drop it off at the Port o Call hotel". So that is what we're doing now.

Alright so I just pulled over so I could give you guys a bit of an update of what just happened. So I dropped off the water in the hotel and went up to the front desk, and I told the lady that I had a package here for Joanna. Of course Joanna wasn't there, which I knew about, right? That was like... all part of it. SO that actually works perfect for me because that gives me a minute to talk to whoever is at the front desk, which I did have planned to do. It was actually extremely easy, and a very nice smooth and natural conversation, so that's really cool. So, I went in there with the box and I said, "Hey I have a package for Joanna." She's like, "Oh ok!" So I start taking the water bottles out and she's looking at it funny and she's thinking like "What the hell?" So I'm like, "Hey, have you ever heard of kangen water?" And she's like "No, no, I've never heard of kangen water." I'm like, "Oh, well it's a water that comes from this unit you attach to your faucet and it turns the water into a powerful anti-oxidant, and makes it alkaline, and it promotes superior hydration. That's why a lot of pro athletes and even celebrities are drinking it now." She's like, "Oh wow!" Im like, "Yeah, are you a water drinker?" She goes, "Yeah, yeah I like to drink water." I'm like," Oh cool, what do you usually drink?" She's like "Uhmm..*Looks down at her bottle* uhmm..Poland Spring, or I guess really whatever is on sale." I'm like, "Alright well here, would you like one of these?" and she goes," Yeah!" So I give it to her and she says, " Wow! Cool, thanks!" I'm like, " No prob." So them I'm like, this is key, I'm like, "Yeah if you'd like, I could send you some information about it. Tell you more about what the water does and what makes it so special." She goes," Yeah ok!" I'm like, "Alright cool, how about.. you wanna give me your email or something?" She goes, "Yeah, yeah, hold on one sec, I'll go grab you a card!" I'm like, "Alright, I'm TJ by the way." She goes, "Hey I'm Stephanie. Yeah I'll be right back." So I'm like, "Alright." So she goes and gets me her card. I'm like, "Alright cool. I'll shoot you an email. Thank you for making sure Joanna gets this and I'll talk to you in a bit. She's like, "Alright thank you so much!"

So I get to my car and I'm looking at the card. Gonna have to maybe edit out her email or something. Sorry I just got  text and was starting to read it on my phone, but here it says front desk, or front office supervisor! Alright! So, who knows, maybe we'll have these machines in the whole hotel, huh? Alright well I guess wish me luck with that. Alright now I'm gonna get back on the road, head over to Julie's, pick up some fluid, maybe drop it off to Christina and be on with my day. Alright, talk to you in a bit.

Alright, here we are, Atlantic City. Luckily we are only passing through so we can get over to Brigantine. 

Cool just got to Julie's. Check it out, her new Charger that she achieved. Let's go in and meet some of the team."Hey whats going on Julie? Hey how's it going? Good! I'm taking a video I hope you don't mind.
Julie: "HI!"
Hello. I decided to document the entrepreneurial journey.
Julie: "Oh ok!"
Yeah so just taking a couple little clips here and there. Alright, lets go get this fluid.

See Julie uses her K8 for the 11.5 to remove pesticides from all of her fruits and vegetables so she can juice and be eating healthy.

Alright so this is the final stop for the day. I am at Christina and Shawn's house, which is some of the new distributors on the team. Bringing them some electrolysis solution, which is just a saline solution, and it's used because the salt activates in the machine to help it get to the 11.5 and the 2.5 pH levels, so that they can also have chemical free cleaning and disinfectant, and remove the pesticides from their fruits and vegetables. Oh, sorry for the thumb, but this is real. This is how it is out here in the streets. Alright, and as our company motto goes, "Change your water, change your life" and The World Is All Yours! Talk to you guys again.

Alright! I guess we're back! So, turns out we have one more thing to take care of today, and my good buddy Nick came through. Whats up man?
Nick: "Whats up?"
And he is going to come fill up some water. That is what he is here for. This is a cool dude. He is definitely not shy of the camera, cause he is a phenomenal actor and is in lot and lots of different videos all over the internet. Nick, where can they go to find some of your stuff?
Nick: "Rise and Shine Productions"
On YouTube right?
Nick: "On Youtube. Watch Years Late. It's very good."
There you go. Rise and Shine Productions. Go check it out. Years Late. Phenomenal series. Alright, so here I just want to show you guys what I was talking about earlier. This is that electrolysis enhancer solution. And if you see the ingredients. Right up here. That says water and sodium chloride. Go google sodium chloride, tell me what that is, it's salt. that NaCl. Sodium Chloride. That's all this is, saline solution, salt water. And that's what helps the K8 get to the 11.5 and 2.5 settings. All natural and chemical free. Yeah so Nick is not.. he doesn't have his machine yet, but I'm excited to be working with him. He's going to be on our team. It's going to be really sweet and I'm really excited because we're going to possibly be able to film some of this together again. So right now I'm just going over showing him different ways he can get this unit for free and then we're going to hang out a little bit. So everybody have a great night or whatever time it is when you watch this video. Remember the motto is "Change your water, change you life! And The World Is All Yours!
Nick: "Change your water, change your life!"
Alright talk to you guys then!

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