How to Develop Self Confidence

Developing self confidence is a major staple in living a happy and successful life.  When people lack confidence, opportunities are missed all the time because they think they are incapable or are not good enough.  Without confidence, it will be very hard to progress in your life.

The Mindset

Developing confidence is so easy to achieve and most of the population still isn't confident.  The simple trick to gaining confidence is to FAKE it.  Seriously, this will make you more and more confident.  You can search it on the internet and get tons of stories.  

So, how do you fake confidence?  Say you’re going to jump 20 buses on a motorcycle?  Not unless you’re really planning to do it (in which case I’m sure you don’t have a problem with your confidence).  Just pretend you are.  Think about what you want to be confident at and think like you really are.  Want to be better at talking to girls/guys, tell yourself you are.  Want a promotion at your job? Tell yourself that you could get it.  Want to push your limits?  Tell yourself you will.  Think you aren’t that attractive?  Tell yourself you are.  Tell yourself you really are a confident person every single day.  Make it your phone background, write it on a note you'll see, do whatever you can to constantly remind yourself that you are now a confident person.  Doing this is going to help you change your mentality.  Think and feel confident.  

A great way to help you adjust yourself to this confident mindset is to use body language to act like a confident person would.  When you walk, think about how you would walk if you were confident.  Stop staring at the ground and "keep your chin up" as they say.  Don't droop down like you're trying to not be noticed, confident people aren't ones to hide.  Have good posture and tell yourself "I am confident".  When you sit, sit up straight and sit up tall.  Not only will this make you seem confident to the people around you, but it also is good for your back and will help you feel better and have better posture.  Taking slow controlled breaths through your nose is also a sign of confidence and will help you to stay relaxed and in control of any situation.  

Taking Action

Now that you think and feel confident, it will be much easier to be confident.  You will find yourself in situations that used to scare the crap out of you.  Things are different now though, because you know you can handle it.  You've got the mindset and you are in control.  You can do this.  Keep your mindset that you are confident and tackle whatever obstacle seems to be in your way.  There are only two possible outcomes from taking action.  It could turn out to be a success and you will feel great and have just boosted your confidence an insane amount, or you have just learned a new way that doesn't seem to work for you.  In my opinion, both are a success and you have just bettered yourself either way.  If you have to do whatever it may be in front of others, as long as you are confident going into it and take the shot, they will only respect you for trying and I assure you, they will not see it as a failure or make a big deal out of it.  They will only be impressed that you have what it takes to give it a shot.  You will be looked up to.

Lets say instead you decide you are not confident enough and don't try at all.  What is the outcome of that?  You will be in the same place you were before, maybe even less confident, but definitely not progressing.  People will see you as cowardly.  This is the only way to lose respect when facing a situation that requires confidence.  Not only that, you will feel disappointed in yourself.  That was your opportunity and you didn't take it.  

All you have to do is DO!  You are confident.  You can do this.  You are progressing and bettering yourself constantly.  Life is good and the world is all yours!

Speed Up the Process

It is entirely possible to gain confidence just by thinking confidently and gradually watching yourself do more and more things that require confidence, but if you're like me, this just isn't enough.  I have learned that there are a few other things you can do to build confidence.  The one that has helped me most is getting into good physical shape.  Eating healthily and exercising makes you feel so much better and energized.  The process of building muscle and burning fat is one that you will have to be dedicated to, but it is a good thing that it's a longer process because you get to have the feeling of success over and over again.  Every time I get out of the gym, I feel accomplished.  Every time I can push out one more rep, I feel accomplished.  Every time I step on the scale and see another pound lost, I feel accomplished.  Tell me this doesn't sound amazing for building self confidence with all the achievements you get to be hitting.  And the final result?  An appealing and sexy body while feeling better than ever.  

Another way of adding to your confidence is to just change your appearance.  Make sure to have proper hygiene.  Try to shower once a day and brush your teeth.  Looking greasy and dirty isn't going to help you feel like you deserve to be confident.  If you aren't happy with your current hairstyle, get it cut.  A fresh new cut can make a huge difference in the way you feel.  Buying nice clothes also helps in building confidence.  Wearing new clothes makes you look and feel fresh and impressive.  A good tip to follow when shopping is not to be afraid to buy the more expensive outfit.  One expensive shirt will look better and last much longer than three cheap shirts.  You will be saving money in the long run because of the better quality material staying nice and lasting longer for you.  Dress comfortably and in clothes that you personally like.  You want to be yourself, so only buy things that appeal to you.  Clothes that you are going to be happy seeing yourself wearing.  Certain colors will look better on you depending on your characteristics.  Learn what color scheme works best for you and style yourself confidently.

Confidence is very closely related to your third chakra.  Opening up your third chakra is simple and helps a lot with having confidence and making decisions.  It's a more spiritual (NOT religious) approach, but you should be in tune spiritually anyway if you are bettering yourself.  Your chakras are locations on your body that you get a feeling at when dealing with certain things.  In example, you know when you have a "gut-feeling" about something? That's a chakra.  Or how about when you love or feel affection for something in your chest?  Another chakra.  Check out the Chakra page to read up more on them and learn what you can do to open your chakras up.   

Warning:  There is a fine line between confidence and cockiness.  It is very easy to crossover and being cocky isn't very respectable.  You don't need to tell everyone how you can do this or that.  Just know that you can and others will too.  It doesn't need to be said.

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