Crown Chakra Meditation

The crown chakra is the seventh and last of our main chakra energy points.  Before we get into how to open this chakra with our crown chakra meditation, let's go over exactly what this chakra is and does.  The crown chakra is very spiritual and allows for the flow of wisdom and enlightenment of spiritual consciousness.  This is the chakra that connects you to God/Goddess/Allah/Higher Energy or whatever name you may have for it.  This chakra will not open until you have successfully opened all of the previous chakras.  It is said that the soul comes into the body through the crown at birth and exits through the crown at death.  The crown chakra is the door to universal energy.  It allows you to see yourself as your true nature and to accept yourself as a part of the universe.  It is located just above your head.

Someone who has a closed or blocked crown chakra will be cynical towards spirituality.  They will be greedy and apathetic.  They may even have difficulty learning.  People who have an excessive energy flow to this chakra seem to be addicted to spirituality, confused and have a dissociation from their physical bodies.  An imbalance of this chakra will make your road of life harder and bumpier, since you will lack direction and focus.  These people feel bored, frustrated and lack joy.  

When the crown chakra is open and balanced, you will have a sense of spiritual connection.  You will be more open-minded and more wise.  People with a balanced crown are able to perceive, analyze and use information accordingly.  You will come to the realization that we are all a part of the universe and we are all forms of energy working together simultaneously.  

Ways to Open the Crown Chakra

To open and heal the crown chakra, we must establish a physical, emotional and spiritual connection.  The mind, body and spirit.  Go into an area of silence with no distractions and allow yourself to listen to the sound of the universe.  Connect with yourself through yoga, meditation and contemplation.  The colors associated with the crown chakra are white and violet.  Where clothes of these colors to strengthen this chakra.  Gemstones that aid in the opening of the crown are diamonds and clear quartz.

Crown Chakra Meditation

Like any of our chakras, meditation is the best way to open the crown chakra.  To do this, get into a meditative state and focus on bringing energy up through your feet and through each of the previous six chakras.  Focus placing the energy slightly above the top of your head and imagine a ball of white light forming, getting larger and larger with each deep inhale you take.  Give yourself time to focus on this ball of energy until you can start to feel it.  At this point, you may forget your sense of physical being and will feel the energy coursing through your being.  When the ball of energy is large enough, and you can feel a slight tingle on the top of your head, allow the energy to shower around your entire body.  Surround yourself entirely with the white light.  Imagine it flowing out of the top of your head and covering your entire body where it flows back through you from the bottom of your feet.  Your chakras are now all open, balanced and aligned.  You are pure energy radiating throughout your entire body.  

Congratulations for successfully opening and aligning each of your seven chakras.  I’m sure you are a bit amazed at how you could really feel each one open at their points on your body.  I’m sure you also are feeling much better than before you were familiar with your chakras.  Now that they have each been opened, you may go back and focus energy to them in any order you wish.  If you had problems with opening them by yourself, you can contact me by clicking here or by requesting a personal session from the tab at the top of this page.  You are now going to feel much more confident, healthier, happier, loving, expressive, sexual, powerful and connected, as well as many of the other benefits balancing your chakras has.  

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