Affirmation Definition

What is the definition of an affirmation?  An affirmation is a word or phrase repeated to oneself to declare a certain belief or feeling.  Affirmations are used to help train our subconscious mind to see things in a better and more positive light.  Affirmations are one thing that all personal growth enthusiasts and coaches agree work extremely well!

Affirmations have changed my life drastically for the better.  Everything I want in life, I use affirmations to help me obtain.  Whether it was to become better in social interactions or to think more positively, affirmations played a big role in helping me get there.  

The affirmation definition states that it is a word or phrase repeated back to oneself to declare a certain belief or feeling, but what does that mean?  Affirmations are phrases we tell ourselves in order to help us subconsciously change the way we see ourselves and the world.  Let's use the positivity issue as an example.  For some people, it is just normal to notice that life is negative.  We got toothpaste on our shirt, we caught every red light making us late, we dropped our phone, that person was rude, the list goes on and on.  It is easy to notice these types of situations and focus on them, resulting in us being in a negative mindset about the circumstances and situations we find ourselves in.  It becomes a habit to focus on these situations and that makes it hard to see life as a positive experience.  This results in us putting out a negative vibe, which brings more negative situations into our lives.  That's where phrases like, "You get what you give" or "What you think about, you bring about" come from. 

So if we were to think positively about our circumstances and give off a positive vibe, more positive situations will come into our lives.  The hard part is getting into a state of mind that things actually are positive.  This is where the power of affirmations comes into play.

We can create an affirmation to think about daily to help us see things from a more positive point of view.  

Example affirmations:
"I am positive"
"I am happy"
"Good things happen to me, because I know they will"
"I love my life"
"Life is good"

Saying these may seem a bit odd at first, since it's not what you're used to thinking, or it may just not feel true, but I promise that with consistency, you will see great results in your life and your mood.  What do you have to lose trying it?  It'll either work, or you're the same as you are now.  It really can't hurt to try.  

A good way to remember to say your affirmations is to set a reminder.  I have a reminder on my phone to go off early in my day every single day reminding me to say my affirmations.  Another good technique would be to write a note and place it somewhere that you will notice it often, like next to your door frame.  

Affirmations are really just to change your thought pattern to that of the person you are aiming towards becoming.  I used affirmations to affirm that I was confident in myself and now I can confidently say that I'm one of the most confident people I know.  I also use ones like, "Good things happen to me, because I know they will", "I have good luck", "I love my life", "I am healthy", "I am good at making money", and many others depending on what I'd like to improve on in life.

These affirmations help me to feel like that is actually my reality and I notice myself acting like the type of person I'm affirming I am.  It just makes it easier to be that person, because I'm constantly affirming that that really is my reality.  I feel I can accomplish anything by training my brain to believe that I can, resulting in attracting better situations and finding myself taking actions towards my goal. Affirmations are very powerful!  If this page has helped you, please share it or comment below telling us what affirmations you like to use and how they have helped!

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