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Yoo whats up?  My name is TJ Kurtyka and I'm the owner and creator of www.theworldisallyours.com. I'm a 24 year old guy who has a passion for bettering my life and the lives around me. I'm really happy with the way life is going! I am self-employed and that gives me the time to do the things I enjoy. For work, I maintain this website and the facebook page, and offline, I promote TWIAY at music and arts events/festivals. At them, I provide people with products they can use to better their lives like sage, meditation incense, and crystals. I also display and sell my photography and art prints. Sometimes I sell my friends' art and pins too! I'm also a music producer and I DJ at shows when I focus on it. By doing these, I'm able to pretty much get paid to go to the shows I used to buy tickets to go to! When I'm not working, I like to skate or snowboard, depending on the time of year, or go on wild adventures with the people close to me in my life! I've been working on building my own business and improve finances while only focusing on doing things that I enjoy. Things in life that make me happy. By doing this, I've been able to do some traveling and purchase my dream car! I like to go to the gym to stay in shape. I feel it is very important to keep your body healthy and strong. Exercising makes me feel stronger, healthier, improves my brain functioning and, of course, builds up a sexier physique! Feels good to look good, on top of the pleasurable endorphins it releases in the brain, which is a euphoric feeling throughout the body. I am content with my current situations and am looking towards a bright and enjoyable future! 

I wasn't always like this though.

I used to not be happy at all. Quite depressed, really. I felt dull and like there wasn't much worth to life. I felt tired all the time and didn't know what I wanted. I had low self-esteem and lacked confidence in myself. After high school, I stopped talking to everyone who wasn't online and stayed home playing video games. I didn't know what I wanted to do, and I didn't think I'd be good at it anyway. When I finally started hanging out with people again, I was a nervous wreck. I remember not talking much around them because I was afraid I'd say something stupid or embarrassing. I did horrible at multiple interviews for jobs, and honestly, I wouldn't have hired me either haha! When I finally did get a job (only because someone knew me from high school working there), I had trouble talking to the customers and was nervous I'd screw up while counting change or something. 

After that job, my next one was at a bookstore. While working here, I became interested in the back corner of the store, which held new age and personal growth. It started out as an interest in the concept of new age and realizing that the topics they talk about in this section are commonly used to improve your life. I also stumbled across many book titles I found interesting in personal growth. I started to read them on my breaks and borrow or buy them. The topics I was learning about was actually helping to live a more positive and successful life. I noticed I was getting better at my job, was able to talk to customers easier, was meeting more women, was getting more confident and was all around feeling better. I was getting hooked. I'd go home and watch videos online, or find documentaries that taught topics I wanted to get better in. After a while, I realized I was gathering information that most people go through a large portion of their lives trying to figure out! I wanted to help spread this knowledge. I wanted to be able to provide others with the info that was working for me so they could be improving too! That is how this site came to be. The World Is All Yours is about living a positive lifestyle around improving yourself and the lives around you. Its about not following the common road that society tends to pave for us. Its about doing what you actually enjoy and living the life you truly want. The world IS all yours. Have and be whatever you'd like! Improve mentally, physically, socially, financially and spiritually! Spread good vibes! Much love.

Risky Move Story

I grew up in southern New Jersey, but made a decision that I wanted to live in San Diego, California.  Prior to my move, I was working a decently paying job that I absolutely hated.  Stepping into work instantly brought down my energy and depressed me.  I wrote the page Remove Everything You Don't Enjoy and within 15 minutes of making the page live, walked into my job and told my boss that these will be my two last weeks.  I quit.  When my co-workers asked where I was going, I told them, "California".  I had no job lined up and no place to stay, but I had a strong belief that things would be fine.  Things would work out for me, as long as I followed my heart.  Two and a half months after quitting my job in New Jersey, I was on a plane to California!    

This was by far the riskiest thing I have done in my life.. so far.  My first month in California was quite an adventure.  I was lucky enough to have the help of my aunt, who gave me a couch to sleep on, and a one month time limit to get myself together.  I skated all over San Diego looking for work and doing what I could for some extra cash.  San Diego is like one huge skatepark, being you can skate pretty much everywhere!  Fueled by my excitement of new unfamiliar area, I had to hit any cool skate spots I discovered on my journey.  This landed me in the hospital twice during my first month haha.  Two medical bills I was not too enthusiastic about paying, since I was still unemployed and by this time under half a month to find a job and a place to live.  I kept a very positive mindset, though.  Running out of cash, I was forced to donate blood plasma for some extra pocket change, just so I could afford a little food.    

With one week left with a roof over my head, I got a call back from a coffee shop asking if I'd like to come in for an interview.  I landed a job!  All this positive thinking and hard work looking for jobs was finally paying off.  I still had no place to live, and encountered a new problem.. I had no way to get to work, being the coffee shop wasn't exactly close and the buses didn't run as late as they wanted me to work.  

On my final day of the month with my aunt, we had a bit of an altercation.  "I told you I'd give you one month!  The month is up.  I don't care where you go, but you have to go."  The harshness from my family member was upsetting, but she was right.  It was my final day there, when I came across an ad looking for a new roommate in the same area as the coffee shop.  I went there, barely cared what the place looked like and signed my name to the lease.  I had done it!  I made it in California!

After getting settled in, I checked the place out and I was living in luxury!  The furnished rooms with the granite counter top, the gym with sauna, the tennis courts, the in-ground heated pool with jacuzzi next to it right outside my front door!  And to make it even better, this place was a four minute skate from my new job!  I'm still baffled by the amazing turn out.  I just did what I truly wanted, stayed positive and worked toward what I wanted, and could now chill out by the pool whenever I wanted.

I spent the next six months in this condo with some awesome roommates and used this time to build myself up financially, as well as socially, since my entire social circle was in New Jersey.  I actually no longer live at this location.  I've moved to a place much more private a block away from the beach.  If it was possible to find a place better than the last one, this is it.

My life is absolutely amazing now, but it wasn't always.  Let's take a few steps back and allow me to introduce to you the person I was in high school.  High school was a pretty rough time for me.  I was very self-conscious, had absolutely no confidence, no motivation, no source of income and no clue on what I wanted to do in my life. I was in poor health physically and mentally, as I was struggling on and off with depression, anxiety and paranoia.  I figured the best way to deal with it was to "desensitize" myself and not care for anything or anyone until I began to lack empathy and emotion.  I was cold-blooded and had a heart of stone.

I would spend all my time playing video games, instead of hanging out with friends.  After losing touch with everyone, it became hard to be social.  I was nervous around other people.  What if I did something embarrassing?  What if I said something stupid?  The internet was a safer haven for me.    

A few years later something changed.  I was no longer feeling bad, but I also wasn't feeling good.  Really, I felt nothing, and I didn't like that.  I knew I had to stop spending all my time playing video games and go out and do something with myself.  I wanted to feel good and to be happy.  That started the kick of wanting to better myself.  I started researching the aspects that I wanted to improve in, and started applying what I learned to my every day life.

Today, I have come a long way.  I am confident in myself and my abilities and nothing can bring me down.  I pursue the things I want,  I have many great friends from all around, I'm content with my health and financial progression, and I am happy!  I feel great, both mentally and physically.

The purpose of this site is for me to give back.  I have learned a lot so far and I want to share with you the things I feel were important to my growth.  Everything on this site has been tested by myself and is what has worked for me.  Now, I'm not saying I have learned all there is to learn.  There is a lot left for me to progress with, but life is a journey and you will always be progressing.  There is always room for things to just keep getting better and better.  Life is amazing!  I'm happy with my progress and you can be, too! 

We're all aware that it takes a bit of hustle.  You have to put in the work if you want to get anywhere in life.  The purpose of this site is to help make it easier for you.  I provide the knowledge and you provide results.  I have added a comment section at the bottom of all pages so don't be afraid to use it.  If you read a page that has also worked for you, or has helped you to improve, leave a comment!  If someone has progressed and is bettering their lives, congratulate them.  Give them a thumbs up.  Or if you have a question, post it and others can reply and help you with it.  I will be doing the best I can as well!

Some of us have gone through more than others, but everyone starts somewhere.  Make sure you have The Essentials covered first.  These pages are very beneficial to you and are general enough that they apply to everyone.  They are necessities to changing your life for the better.  If you feel you have them all down packed,  check out the page on being Even Better.  These are not going to apply to everyone, but are loaded with information on bettering your life even more.  You should never stop progressing and always be getting better and better.  Always living it up as much as you can.

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