Beginner Meditation

I've been looking forward to putting a beginner meditation online.  Meditating is one of the best life changing thing you can do.  It will show you to happiness, to full relaxation and to yourself.  It’s the ultimate stress reliever and your greatest personal teacher.  I have learned so much about myself and what I need to do in my life through meditating. It is not scary and you will always have full control of yourself and will be coherent and can come out of it whenever you want.


Meditating is something that you will get better and better at the more you do it.  Give yourself a few days in a row of trying and you'll get more and more relaxed each time you try.  You WILL know when you're doing it.

So what do you do?  Sit there with your legs crossed and your fingers touching chanting “Ommmm” until you feel like sunshine? Well you could, but it is much easier than you think and doesn't have to be so spiritual (unless you want it to be, of course).  

Start by getting in a comfortable position.  Any position as long as you’re comfy.  Sitting up straight or laying down on your back seem to be the best options.  It's more common to sit up because it's harder to fall asleep that way.  Meditating is very relaxing. 

Start breathing through your nose only.

Relax every part and muscle of your body.  Start at your toes, then your feet, then legs, stomach, back, chest, arms, your neck, then your face.  Don't skip your face!  Most people don’t even realize they naturally have their jaw and eye muscles tense.

Now you want to clear your mind of the clutter.  This is the part most people get stuck on because the mind is used to thinking about a bunch of junk, but it’s really easy.

The method I was taught to use is to focus on your breathing.  Just notice your breaths and count them.  Continue to breathe naturally, but count after every breath until five breaths.

On the sixth breath, take a nice deep inhale (still through your nose).  This breath is going to fill your lungs almost completely.  First, inhale deep into the stomach to let it stretch out, then fill your chest area so you can feel it rise up, and into your throat until you feel you’re at your peak.  Hold for a second or two before exhaling fully and slowly.

Continue breathing normally.  You’ll notice your breathing is a lot more relaxed and slower.

Count five more normal breaths and then take a deep breath on the sixth breath again.

Continue this pattern until you are breathing very slowly and you feel relaxed.

You are now meditating!

Close your eyes.

 Some people enjoy complete emptiness of the mind while they meditate, others like to focus on one single thought. Personally, I like to let my mind flow freely and let whatever thoughts I have come and go.  Over time, you'll realize many things and improve yourself immensely through meditation, but trying to quiet the mind is the best beginner meditation.  

(a few) Benefits of Meditating 





Decreased respiratory rate

Reduces anxiety attacks

Enhances energy, strength and vigor

Cures headaches and migraines

Significant relief from asthma

Reduces PMS symptoms

Helps with weight loss

Improves air flow to the lungs

Boosts self confidence

Reduces stress

Increases serotonin level (feel happier)

Helps to control your thoughts

Increases creativity

Overcome fears and phobias

Helps with focus and concentration

Helps emotional stability

Increased productivity

Develop intuition

Improved relationships (including friends and family)

Solve problems

Less aggressiveness

Helps quitting bad habits

Helps you worry less

Peace of mind

Helps discover your purpose

Increase synchronicity in life

Connect with whats around you

Increased acceptance of oneself

deeper understanding of yourself

better relationship with higher power

Learn to live in the now

Guided Meditations

If you don't know what you want to meditate on, search google or youtube for guided meditations.  There is a guided meditation for almost anything.  Most of them walk you through getting relaxed and then into a meditative state for your topic.  Here are some very effective videos. You can listen to them sitting right in your computer chair, or lying down in bed with in-ear headphones.

Guided Meditation - Self Confidence Improvement and Relaxation

This is a good beginner meditation because it starts with a very good walkthrough of getting you into that relaxed meditative state.

Chakra Clearing, Balancing & Healing Guided Meditation Video

This video is one of the few that I can really feel my chakras opening up.  This is an awesome beginner meditation to feel very good and balanced.

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